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Inductive Reasoning Tutorial for Data Scientists

  • 1.  Inductive Reasoning Tutorial for Data Scientists

    Posted 11-02-2020 22:09
    Philosophy of Data Science Series
    Session 2: Essential Reasoning Skills for Data Science
    Episode 3: Intro to Inductive Reasoning for Data Scientists

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    Today's episode is a short introduction to a fundamental concept. Definitely worth your time!

    Inductive reasoning is the fundamental challenge to scientific rigor. Induction is baked into methods like K-fold cross validation or generalizing from a sample to a population. However, many statisticians and data scientists are unfamiliar with the term and its implications. Joseph Wu (Brown University) gets us up-to-speed with a 15-minute presentation on the fundamental role of induction in scientific reasoning.

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    Glen Wright Colopy
    DPhil Oxon
    Data Scientist at Cenduit LLC, Durham, NC