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    Posted 03-16-2017 16:07
    Hi all, 

       A message from the Association of Public Data Users! If you or your colleagues and friends have any research that uses American Community Survey data, please consider submitting your story to the Census Bureau--these stories are a big help when communicating the value of ACS data!

    Census Wants Your Success Stories!

    The U.S. Census Bureau is interested in collecting examples across the country of businesses/governments/non-profits who use American Community Survey data. They are looking for specifics that demonstrate, for example, how a company decided to open a store or factory in one location because of what ACS data show, or how a community decides the need for housing for certain income groups.


    The Census Bureau is requesting a blog-length narrative (4-6 paragraphs) that lays out the specifics of the example. For example, if a factory opened in one area, how many jobs were created, what was the increase in tax revenues? Please include your contact/website and let us know if you would allow us to quote you.


    Where will these posts end up? First and foremost, they will be used on a new content hub that will launch shortly. They might also be used by Census Bureau promotions and/or the government relations branch.


    Please send your stories to Haya El Nasser at



    Amy Nussbaum
    Science Policy Fellow
    American Statistical Association