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Funding Opportunity for DEI-Related Dataset Submissions

  • 1.  Funding Opportunity for DEI-Related Dataset Submissions

    Posted 12-28-2023 17:44

    The American Statistical Association (ASA) Section on Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences (TSHS) Resources Portal Editorial Board is pleased to announce two (2) $500 stipend opportunities in 2023-24 for the submission of teaching datasets with a clear focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).   

    This is an opportunity for teachers and researchers interested in DEI to become actively engaged. In addition, since all Portal datasets undergo peer review, dataset posts to the TSHS Resources Portal can be listed a publication on the submitter's CV.

    The successful elimination of racial and cultural inequities in public health practice and research on human health will require recognizing and addressing the myriad and complex factors supporting those inequities.  These include, but are not limited to:  historical and present-day structural racism (including in social determinants of health), algorithmic unfairness, biases in common tests (e.g, the eGFR), racial bias on our parts (known or unknown), implicit bias in our legal and professional infrastructures, and failure to appreciate that race is a social construct that is distinct from ancestry. As teachers of statistics in the health sciences, and as public health professionals ourselves, we are well positioned to introduce our students to DEI through the lens of scientific inquiry and statistical literacy.  The availability of teaching datasets with a focus on DEI would be an invaluable resource, as they offer students "hands on" training in exploring the effects of racism on health using real data, and in ensuring DEI in study design, data analysis, and reporting.  

    All datasets posted to the TSHS Resources Portal ( have an associated published citation in the health sciences.  In addition, all are peer reviewed and include essential companion materials needed for teaching:  abstract, introduction, and data dictionary.  Downloads are available in any of six formats:  Excel, R, SAS, Stata, SPSS and Minitab.  


    How to apply.
    Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. Applicants must provide the associated published citation and have obtained permission to share the corresponding dataset, after de-identification, on the Portal. Rich datasets, those for which multiple types of analyses can be done, will be given priority. For more information about the process of contributing a dataset, please see   To apply, please submit a brief description of your chosen dataset, a citation of the corresponding publication, and a timeline for the submission using this Google form  Students are welcome to apply but must have identified a faculty mentor who has access to an appropriate dataset and is willing to commit to working with the student on this process.  

    Feel free to contact me or Portal Director Carol Bigelow ( if you have questions.

    Ann M. Brearley, PhD
    Associate Professor of Biostatistics
    University of Minnesota