Chapter Officers Handbook

COC Responsibilities and Procedures Manual

Certificate of Liability Insurance for a Chapter Event

Need an insurance certificate (Certificate of Liability Insurance)?  Please send your request to Please include:

  • Name of the Chapter and Chapter Officer making the request
  • The date the certificate is needed
  • The name and address of the certificate holder (person / organization that requires the certificate from the Chapter)
  • The reason / purpose for the certificate (an event; serving alcohol at an event; an exhibit booth?)
  • Who should receive the certificate (Chapter Officer, organization requiring the certificate, both?)
  • How should the certificate be distributed to the recipient (mail original, email copy, fax copy)

Depending on the reason / purpose for the Certificate of Liability Insurance, additional information may be required such as a copy of the contract between the Chapter and the recipient of the certificate.

We do require a minimum of four business days to process the request.

pter Dues Automated Clearing House (ACH) Direct Deposit Request Form

  • Membership reports are emailed to the chapter treasurer in months where there is activity
  • Direct deposit of chapter member dues will begin within 60 days of receipt of form
  • Fax completed form to ASA Accounts Payable: (703) 997-7299

Chapter and Section Dues Change Policy

  1. Due Date: The treasurers of Chapters and Sections must send price changes to Rick Peterson by August 10 each year.
  2. Implementation Date: Price changes received by August 10 will be implemented for the upcoming calendar year membership cycle. Price changes received after this date will not be implemented.
  3. Exceptions: The only exception to the above is for new chapters and sections. The prices for these will be implemented as soon as reasonably practicable.

Filing IRS Form 990-N