Traveling Course Schedule

Council of Chapters Traveling Course Schedule

2024 traveling courses are being offered in either virtual or in-person formats. The chapter and presenter must agree on the format while selecting a date.

Dates will be added as courses are scheduled. See Chapter websites for details

Data: Ethical Issues and Best Practices and Ethical Issues and Best Practices in Analytics
Instructors: David Corliss, Principal Data Scientist at Grafham Analytics and University of Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) as a Data and AI in Society Specialist

June 8

Ann Arbor Chapter 

April 26

Central Illinois Chapter 

 November 7 & 8

NYC Metro Area Chapter


San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (virtual)

September 18 &19

Southern California Chapter  (virtual)


Twin Cities Chapter


From Big Data to Better Insights: A Primer on using Machine Learning Methods in a Data-Centric World

Instructor: Trent D. Buskirk, Ph.D., Old Dominion University

August 14 & 15

Columbus Chapter (virtual)


Mid-Missouri Chapter 

August 9

Nebraska Chapter (in person)


Oregon Chapter (hybrid)

October 18

Kentucky Chapter (hybrid)

Fundamentals of Causal Inference: With R
Instructors: Babette Brumback, Professor Emerita, University of Florida Department of Biostatistics

TBD Arizona Chapter 
October 5 Boston Chapter (virtual)
Fall 2024 Connecticut Chapter 
October 30 Hawaii Chapter (virtual)
TBD Orange County-Long Beach Chapter (virtual)
October 11 Philadelphia Chapter (virtual)
Fall 2024 Virginia Chapter 

Data Visualization with R
Instructor: Aaron Williams, Urban Institute 


Cleveland Chapter


Houston Chapter 

October 18

North Texas Chapter 

June 7

Oklahoma Chapter (virtual)


San Diego Chapter 

From R Markdown to Quarto
Instructors: Andrew Bray, UC Berkeley, and Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, Duke University and RStudio

TBD Cincinnati Chapter 
TBD Kansas-Western Missouri Chapter 
July 26 Nevada Chapter (working with Yosemite/Fresno) 
May 17 Northeast Illinois Chapter - In person
TBD Princeton-Trenton Chapter 
TBD Washington Statistical Society Chapter