Description-Charting Your Course for Leadership Success

Charting Your Course for Leadership Success
Instructor: Leslie McClure, Drexel University
Half-day course - Limited offering (2-3 chapters)

Leadership is a process that does not happen by accident. There are steps you can take throughout your career, including early on, that can help prepare you for leadership roles. This interactive course will provide an introduction to leadership, including topics like setting short- and long-term goals, time management, the importance of mentorship and sponsorship (and how they differ), and how to “dip your foot” into leadership early on. We will also touch on other important skills that can help make the path to leadership smoother.

About the Instructor:
Leslie McClure is Professor & Chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at the Dornsife School of Public Health at Drexel University. Dr. McClure does work to try to understand disparities in health, particularly racial and geographic disparities, and the role that the environment plays in them. Her methodological expertise is in the design and analysis of multicenter trials, as well as issues of multiplicity in clinical trials. She has led several different coordinating centers for both large epidemiologic studies and for clinical trials. In addition to her research, Dr. McClure is passionate about increasing diversity in the math sciences and devotes considerable time to mentoring younger scientists. You can follow Dr. McClure on Twitter @StatGirlLAM and read her blog at:

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