Chapters are the grassroots of the American Statistical Association. It is in the Chapters that members of the statistical profession come together to identify common interests and achieve common goals. A Chapter is the local organization of the Association.

Chapter Objectives
The broad objectives of a Chapter, like those of the Association itself, are to promote statistics and its applications and to increase the contributions of statistics to human welfare. More specifically, the objective of a Chapter is to increase the unity and effectiveness of all those in its area who are interested in or concerned with statistical problems. To this end a Chapter may engage in many of the activities that the Association engages in worldwide. These include holding meetings; producing publications; participating in educational efforts for its members and for various public groups; providing information concerning the application of statistics; and, in general, serving society with statistical thinking and making society aware of statistics as a science.

Table of Contents
Becoming a Chapter of ASA
Officer Roles and Duties
Chapter Activity Status Guidelines
Information for Chapter Treasurers
Programs and Activities
Council of Chapters

If you would like to print a PDF copy of the entire Chapter Officers Handbook, it can be found on the Documentation page of the COC website.