Officer Roles and Duties

Chapter Representative
Election Requirements and Terms of Office

PresidentThe President presides at all meetings of the Chapter, appoints such committees as designated in the Chapter constitution, is chief spokesperson for the Chapter, and sees that the Chapter has an active program of meetings and projects during his or her term of office.

SecretaryThe Secretary generally keeps minutes of the Chapter meetings, sends notices of meetings, and maintains the Chapter’s records and documents.

TreasurerThe Treasurer handles the Chapter’s finances. This includes receiving dues from headquarters and from individual Chapter members, maintaining bank accounts as needed, paying bills as authorized by the Chapter constitution, and making financial reports to the Chapter annually or as requested. It is permitted for Chapters to combine the offices of Secretary and Treasurer as necessary.

Each time a new Treasurer takes office, the President shall appoint at least two auditors who will audit the outgoing Treasurer’s books. In addition, an audit will be performed whenever a Treasurer is reelected and three years or more have elapsed since the last audit. The auditors shall submit a written report of their findings to the membership by the second regular meeting after their appointment. Auditors may be chosen from among Chapter members, excluding the current and most recent Treasurer, and need not be professional accountants.

Chapter RepresentativeThe Chapter Representative is the official representative of each Chapter to the Council of Chapters of the American Statistical Association (ASA), and as such, is the crucial communication link between the Chapter, the Council, and ASA as a whole. The Council of Chapters consists of one representative from each Chapter and the members of the Governing Board. The Chapter Representative is designated as a member of the Council of Chapters and votes in elections for the Council of Chapters Chair-Elect and for the Vice-Chair of the Chapter’s District. This officer is also eligible for election as a District Vice-Chair.

The duties of the Chapter Representative are to:

1. Encourage and serve as the communications link between the local Chapter and the Council of       


a. Complete and return the Annual Report of Chapter Activities to the Council of Chapters Governing Board.

b. Disseminate communications from the Council to local Chapter members and insure Chapter follow-up.

c. Present to the Council the needs and concerns of the local Chapter.

d. Encourage Chapter participation in Council programs and initiatives.

e. Insure that someone from the Chapter notifies ASA’s Chapters Liaison of their election results within 30 days of the election.

2. Attend the Business Meeting and Workshop of the Council of Chapters at the Annual Meetings of the


3. Participate in the election of the Chair-Elect of the Council of Chapters.

4. Participate in the election of the Vice Chair for his or her local District.

Although the method of selection of the Chapter Representative is the prerogative of the local Chapter, the Chapter Representative must be a member of the American Statistical Association. The term of office is three years, as specified in the Charter of the Council of Chapters. The Chapter Representative is an officer of the local Chapter and a member of its Executive Committee. As liaison between the Chapters and the Council of Chapters, the Chapter Representative is encouraged to keep the Council and other Chapters current on Chapter activities.

Election Requirements and Terms of Officers

The President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chapter Representative must be full members of ASA. The Chapter Representative must serve a three-year term, as specified in the Charter of the Council of Chapters. The terms of the other officers are set by the Chapter. Many Chapters have found that having a President-Elect who succeeds to the office of President and electing the Secretary-Treasurer to a multiple year term provides for continuity and strengthens the Chapter and its programs.

The Chapter constitution specifies the terms of office and the election procedures for the Chapter officers. To be in unison with ASA and the Council of Chapters, it is recommended that the terms of office coincide with the calendar year and that elections be held in late spring or summer.