Chapter Activity Status Guidelines

The following are procedures for determining the activity status of an ASA Chapter. The Chapter activity status will be evaluated by the Council of Chapters Governing Board Committee on Chapter Status at its twice-yearly meetings.

Chapter in Good Standing
Delinquent Chapter
Probationary Chapter
Dissolved Chapter

Chapter in Good Standing:  An ASA Chapter will be considered active and in good standing providing it fulfills the following conditions:

  • Elects officers according to Chapter Constitution.
  • Holds at least one Chapter meeting per calendar year.
  • Reports names and addresses of Chapter officers (especially the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chapter Representative) to the ASA office on an annual basis.
  • Ensures that the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chapter Representative are ASA members.
  • Completes the Annual Chapter Report of chapter activities report that is requested by the Council.
  • Maintains a current Constitution on file at the ASA office.

Delinquent ChapterAn ASA Chapter will be considered delinquent if it has not met all of the guidelines for a Chapter in good standing for a period of one year. The Committee on Chapter Status, with the help of the ASA office, will monitor each Chapter. When a Chapter becomes delinquent, the appropriate Council Vice-Chair will work with the Chapter officers and seek to return the Chapter to active status. In the event that the Chapter is not holding at least one meeting a year, or no officer structure is apparent, the Council Vice-Chair will seek to re- stimulate Chapter activity through contact of ASA members located in the area surrounding the Chapter.

Probationary Chapter:  If a Chapter has been delinquent for at least two consecutive years, and does not appear to be meeting the needs of its constituency, the Chapter will be considered on probation. The probationary period will last for at least one, but no more than two consecutive calendar years. During this time, all ASA members in the geographic area will be notified to allow for an opportunity to respond and attempt to revitalize the Chapter. After the one-year probationary period, the status of the Chapter will be reassessed by the Committee on Chapter Status and will report to the Council of Chapters Governing Board.

Dissolved Chapter:  After a period of at least one year on probation, the Council of Chapters Governing Board may initiate proceedings, as described in the ASA Constitution, to declare the Chapter dissolved and their Charter revoked. If such proceedings are initiated, services to the Chapter from the Council and the ASA office will be discontinued and steps for dissolution will be followed.

Upon the dissolution of the Chapter, assets shall be distributed to the AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION, 732 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314.