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  • 1.  educational resources for medical/public health professionals?

    Posted 07-02-2022 12:06
    (Apologies for cross-posting.)

    The Biostats4You website (https://biostats4you.umn.edu/) is dedicated to providing carefully selected, freely available biostatistics training materials for medical and public health professionals. The site currently contains 32 vetted resources collected into seven topic areas ranging from Data Collection and Management to Multiple Testing.
    We are now collecting potential resources to review for our next topic, Basic Statistical Tests. The aim of this topic is to describe t-tests, chi-squared tests and possibly log-rank tests from a basic literacy point of view: when to use a given test and what the results tell you. We would appreciate suggestions! If you have or know of an article, website, blog post, video, recorded lecture, or other freely available resource that would be helpful in this topic, please reply to this post or contact me directly at brea0022@umn.edu.

    Ann M. Brearley, PhD
    Associate Professor of Biostatistics
    University of Minnesota

  • 2.  RE: educational resources for medical/public health professionals?

    Posted 07-04-2022 05:45
    Hey Ann,
    I think I've sent a reply to you my message, but I repeat here. Here is a nice recourse to consider:
    a YouTube channel based on a book, which explains statistics to non-statisticians. 


    Marina Espinasse

    Marine Biologist and DL-student at Hasselt University (Belgium)