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CIRS/SWB Webinar "Deep learning: opening the black box," December 8, 2022

  • 1.  CIRS/SWB Webinar "Deep learning: opening the black box," December 8, 2022

    Posted 12-04-2022 18:15

    Dear Colleagues,

    We hope this message finds you well.

    The ASA's Committee on International Relations in Statistics (CIRS) and Statistics Without Borders are organizing a bi-monthly free Webinar Series that will cover different topics in Statistics. The goal is to give the opportunity to people based on different corners of the world to come together and learn some introductory material about interesting statistical topics.  

    The fourth edition will be held on December 8th.  Please, help us advertise it.  Click here to register.   

    December 8, 2022, 12-1:30 PM ET 

    "Deep learning: opening the black box "
    Presenter: Dr. Jennifer A. Hoeting, Hoeting Consulting

    Abstract: Deep learning algorithms are often presented as black box algorithms.   Many cartoon sketches of deep learning are available, but deep learning is rarely translated into the mathematical framework required by most statisticians to understand the topic. In this lecture we will open the black box and explore deep learning from a statistical viewpoint.  In addition to an overview of the mathematics of deep learning, we will explore the types of problems when you might consider using a machine or deep learning algorithm and when traditional inferential statistical methods may be preferred.  We will provide suggestions of how to get started applying machine and deep learning algorithms to your own data with links to recommended software.  This lecture is intended for statisticians who want to learn about deep learning but have little previous exposure to it. 


    Speaker Short Bio 

    Jennifer A. Hoeting leads Hoeting Consulting.  She is Professor Emeritus of Statistics at Colorado State University and Adjunct Professor of Statistics at University of California Santa Cruz.  Hoeting's textbook, Computational Statistics (co-authored by Geof H. Givens), has been adopted as a course textbook at more than 120 universities in the US and over 30 other countries. Hoeting is an elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association and received the Distinguished Achievement Medal from the American Statistical Association's Section on Statistics and the Environment.


    For questions, or to suggest topics for future webinars contact Carolina Franco at franco-carolina@norc.org or Alexandra Schmidt alexandra.schmidt@mcgill.ca or Sloka Iyengar slokaiyengar1@gmail.com


    We hope to see you there.

    Best wishes,


    Alexandra, Carolina and Sloka

    Carolina Franco
    Principal Statistician