This organization shall be known as the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Statistical


The purpose of this organization shall be to foster, in the broadest manner, statistics and statistical
applications and to promote unity and effectiveness of effort among all groups in the central Indiana
area having an interest in or being concerned with statistics.


Membership in the Chapter will be by approval of the Chapter Executive Committee. This
Committee may delegate this function of approval. The membership of this organization shall consist
of three categories:
1. Regular Members: Persons admitted to membership who hold either Full or Affiliate
membership in the American Statistical Association.
2. Associate Members: Persons admitted to membership who are interested in statistics, in general,
or in the organization, in particular, but who are not members of the American Statistical Association.
3. Non-Voting Members: Persons admitted to membership who are interested in statistics, in
general, or in the organization, in particular, but who do not pay local chapter dues.


The officers of the organization, who shall be Full ASA Members, shall be a President, Vice
President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, and Chapter Representative to the ASA Council of
Chapters. The officers, with the exception of the Chapter Representative, shall be duly elected by a
majority vote of the Regular and Associate Members. The Chapter Representative shall be appointed by
the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may appoint a Full ASA Member to fill any
vacancy which occurs in an office between elections.


A person elected as Vice President shall serve in successive one year terms in each of the positions
of Vice President, President, and Past President. The Secretary and Treasurer will serve 2-year terms
with the Secretary elected in one year and the Treasurer in the next year. Each term of office starts on a
September 1st and ends on an August 31st of a subsequent calendar year. The Chapter Representative
shall serve a 3-year term with the dates determined by the ASA Council of Chapters rotation pattern.
The Nominating Committee shall annually select candidates for the Vice President and whichever
other position, Secretary or Treasurer, is scheduled for election that year. The Secretary and Treasurer
are eligible for renomination to the same position without limit. The Past President shall not be eligible
for immediate renomination as Vice President. At least two candidates should be presented for the Vice
President position. However, since continuity is desirable in the Secretary and Treasurer, the
nominating Committee might present only one name for those positions.
Election Process:
1. The Secretary will provide the President and Past President with a list of eligible voters.
Eligible voters are members who have paid chapter dues within one year prior to the election.2. The Secretary will send out ballots. Email will be used for all members who have e-mail
addresses on file. Other eligible voters will receive their ballot via US Mail.
3. Eligible voters may cast their vote on a printed copy of the ballot, sealed in an envelope. To
be valid, the outside of this envelope must be marked with (a) the words "ASA BALLOT" (b) the
printed voter name and (c) the voter's signature. This envelope may be mailed to either the President or
Past President via U.S. Mail or Inter-Office Mail. Alternatively, chapter members may cast their ballots
via e-mail to either the Chapter President or Past President.
4. The President and Past President will meet together to open, identify and count eligible
ballots. The President will announce election results at the Annual Business Meeting.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers described in Article IV and any Chairs of
standing committees who are not also Chapter officers.


The committees of the Chapter shall consist of the five committees described below and of such
special committees as may be appointed by the President. Except as noted below, chairs of the standing
committees will be appointed by the President and shall serve until their successors are appointed. The
President, in conjunction with each committee chair, shall also appoint members of each committee.
The five Standing Committees shall be:
1. Arrangements & Publicity: with the secretary and treasurer as co-chairs, to make necessary
reservations and arrangements for technical and social meetings of the Chapter and to inform the
American Statistical Association and the public of the significant activities of the chapter.
2. Education & Membership: with the president as chair, to handle requests from outside
groups for speakers on statistics and to supervise Chapter educational activities, including quantitative
literacy efforts with private and public schools and to encourage local individual memberships.
3. Nominating - with the Past-President as chair, to present a list of nominees for all elective
4. Program - with the Vice President as chair, to schedule chapter meetings and speakers.
5. Web - with Webmaster as chair, to maintain the Central Indiana ASA site on the World Wide


The Representative to the Council of Chapters shall be a Full ASA Member. The Representative
shall be appointed every third year by the Executive Committee, once the election results for that year
are known. The name of the Representative shall be sent to the ASA office before August 1 of that year.
The Representative shall serve the Chapter for a period of 3 years following the pattern prescribed by
the Council of Chapters.


There shall be six or more regular chapter meetings, including an Annual Business Meeting, each
Chapter Year. The Chapter Year shall start in September and run through August of the following
calendar year. The Annual Business Meeting will be in April, unless a different meeting is specified to
be the annual meeting by the Executive Committee.


The amount of the annual Chapter Dues, for Regular and Associate Members, shall be
recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by a majority of Regular and Associate
Members voting at the Annual Meeting of this organization. The proposed dues changes shall havebeen sent to each Regular and Associate Member at least two weeks prior to the date of the meeting. (A
response by mail from a member will be considered the same as the vote of a member attending the
Each time a new Treasurer takes office, the President shall appointment one or more auditor(s)
who will audit the outgoing Treasurer's books. In addition, an audit will be performed whenever a
Treasurer is reelected and three years or more have elapsed since the last audit. The auditor(s) shall
submit a written report of their findings to the Membership by the second Regular Meeting after their


Any and all applicable provisions of the Constitution of the American Statistical Association shall
be considered a part of this Chapter Constitution.


This Constitution may be amended by an affirmative 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of the voting Chapter
members at any meeting, provided notices of such a meeting and the proposed amendment shall have
been sent to each Regular and Associate Member at least two weeks prior to the date of such a meeting.
(In the event of a mail ballot, the votes of the members responding will be considered the same as the
vote of a member voting at the meeting).


Upon the dissolution of the Chapter, assets shall be distributed to the AMERICAN STATISTICAL
ASSOCIATION, 1429 Duke Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, for one or more exempt purposes
within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, or corresponding
Section of any future Federal tax code.