Date: March 13, 2018

Abstract: Negotiations are the basic process of reaching an agreement. The goal of negotiations should always be to work towards a mutually agreeable position or solution. In this Webinar, the key basic principles of effective negotiations will be discussed.  At the same time, we will also identify fundamental obstacles or blocks to reaching resolutions. Lastly, we will explore potential pitfalls that can occur.

Negotiations are a process. Influencing skills are the skills that support effective negotiations. The skills and the process go hand in hand. Negotiations are often needed in a scientific collaboration environment. Our focus will be on developing the awareness of negotiations aimed at producing a “win-win” result.

Speaker bio: Jim Van Horn has a consulting practice specializing in Executive/Management Coaching and, Board & Organization Development. He spent a total of 27 years in Corporate Human Resources & Organization Development senior and executive roles at Unisys, Foamex International and the School District of Philadelphia. In addition, Jim has been very active in his societal roles which includes his current role as the President of KenCrest Services Board, a non-profit organization specializing in services to the Intellectually Disabled; Board of Directors of Beacon (formerly the Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group), and in the recent past, the President of a Public School Board for 13 years. Jim holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Temple University.

Watch the recording of this presentation here.

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