Cultivating Productive Relationships

Date: October 25, 2017 

Abstract: This webinar is for statisticians and data scientists who recognize that one of the keys to successful outcomes in their work is the importance of the relationships they have with others. Cultivating these relationships is not so much about skills as they are about the “excavation” and manifestation of our attributes and intentions. This seminar will focus on several important elements: How does one have conversations that will help clarify the wants and needs of colleagues and clients? How do you dig deeper into these conversations and everyone’s interests so you can best address them? How do you establish an ongoing connection with others? We will introduce / reinforce a number of tools and approaches to help develop and deepen these relationships including how to build trust and safety; using appreciative inquiry; active listening; and building commitment.

Presenter bio: Louise Mallette 
has consulted to and coached numerous individuals and teams in the areas of change, transition, leadership, and management development. Her experience in financial services, technology, manufacturing, higher education, and non–profits enable her to provide solutions that are anchored in the needs of individuals and organizations. She is a renowned facilitator. Louise has worked for Chase Manhattan Bank, Hewlett–Packard Company, 3Com Corporation, and Honeywell Information Systems where she integrated human resources initiatives with business planning. As the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Pioneer Investment Management, Inc. she focused on post-acquisition transition and integration. Prior to founding The Telic Group, Louise was a Senior Vice President with ClearRock, Inc., a Boston–based executive coaching and career transition firm. This built on her earlier human resources consulting experience. Louise has a B.A. in English and Government from Skidmore College and is a Certified Coach from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. She is conversant in a number of style and assessment tools and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

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