Conflict Resolution

Date: January 24, 2018 

Abstract: This webinar is for anyone who experiences conflict – which means that this webinar is for everyone. Conflict is normal. Conflict exists in many settings, including but not limited to personal relationships, family relationships, business relationships, professional relationships and workplace relationships.    How one approaches conflict makes a difference in how one is impacted by it. We will explore important aspects of conflict resolution, which include ways to better understand the conflict we are involved in, and tools for managing conflict, with a focus on effective communication.  We will cover some key concepts in conflict resolution which can be strategically employed to increase the likelihood of working through conflict while maintaining existing relationships.  We will also discuss conflict resolution processes that involve third parties.

Presenter bio: David Louis, MPA, CDFA, President of Louis Mediation Services-Chicago, LLC, is a Professional Family and Divorce Mediator, Conflict Coach and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  As a Mediator, David helps his clients to have meaningful discussions involving life transitions that give them control over decision making. As a Conflict Coach, David assists his clients in analyzing and understanding their conflicts and building skills to work through conflict.

Listen to the recording of this presentation here (audio only).

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