Collaborating Across Cultures

Date: November 15, 2017 

Abstract: Collaborating across cultures can add an interesting global perspective to the work we do, but intercultural communication also comes with unique challenges. This session will explore some of the research-based dimensions of culture that lead to differences in work style preferences and communication styles across cultures. By analyzing mini case studies in which culture interfered with collaboration, this session will also offer simple tips and recommended adaptations that can lead to more rewarding and productive collaboration across cultures.

Presenter bio: Charisse Kosova, M.Ad.Ed. Director of Global Talent Development, designs and facilitates face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities focused on developing intercultural communication skills, building multicultural teams, post M&A integration, and building skills for addressing the challenges of today’s complex global work environment.

Listen to the recording of this presentation here (audio only).

Presentation slides