FY13 Statistical Agency Budget Developments

By Steve Pierson posted 04-16-2012 13:27


This blog entry tracks FY13 appropriations developments for the federal statistical agencies and so will updated accordingly. (See update log below.) To receive notifications of updates, follow ASA Science Policy on Twitter: @ASA_SciPol.



Agency         FY10      FY11      FY12      Request         House/Senate      Seques-  
   BEA  $93M 93 92.2 96.5 92.2***2/96.5**2  87.5  89.8
   BJS 60 60 41.3 60 45***/50**3 42.7   41.3
   BLS  611  610 609 618 - /619* 578  577.2 
   BTS 27 24 25 38 273/263   263 
   Census  7225  1152 942 970  855***4/953**1   894 841.76 
   EIA 111 96 105 116 100***/116** 99.6  99.5 
   ERS  82  81.8 78.2 77 75*/77**  74.3    71.4  
   NASS 162  156.4 158.6 179  175.2*/179** 150.5  166.6 
   NCES  247  247 247 248   -/247*  234  226
   NCSES  41 42 43.3 42 &***/&**  42  41.6
   NCHS  139 138.7 138.7 162  -/138.7*5 131.3  138.7
   ORES  28  29 29 29    &/&    27.5   27.5
   SOI  43 39 38.7 40   &/&    38  33.18
Levels in millions of dollars; Agency abbreviations listed below; NCES is for Statistics and Assessment (not NAGB or SLDS)
Latest Action: *Subcommittee mark-up; **Committee mark-up; ***Passed the Floor
&Not available because of lack of sufficient detail in summary, bill or conference report;
NATD: No Action To Date
1In addition to the $953 million appropriated amount, the Senate CJS bills transfers $17 million from Census Working Capital Fund, which the Senate has tapped the past two fiscal years, for a total of $970 million. See Census Project comparison of House and Senate Census Bureau marks.
2The House mark is based on an ESA reported level of $96, which is $4.3 million below the request, and assumes $3.8 million goes to "ESA Policy Support." Similarly, the Senate level is based on a ESA reported level of $100.3 million.
3The BTS is funded through the Highway Trust Fund with levels determined by the authorizing committees. The Senate level reported here is from S. 1813, The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), p. 1481. The Senate bill contains the same level for FY12. The House level is from H.R. 7, The American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012, p. 669. The House bill has the same level through FY16. The conference level of $26 million for FY13 and FY14 is reported here is MAP-21 Conference Report to Accompany H.R. 4348 (top of p. 470.)
45/11: In addition to cutting $24 million from Census on the House floor, the House voted to eliminate the American Community Survey. See House votes to eliminate American Community Survey
5According to a message to the Friends of NCHS, the Senate bill "provides NCHS $35 million from the Prevention and Public Health Fund established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This brings the agency’s total funding to $173.7 million."
6According to the March 25 COSSA Washington Update, the Census Bureau received an additional $18 million from the Census Working Capital Fund. If one includes the WCF funds, the FY13 Census budget is $859 million. Btw, the Census Bureau has an additional $28,470 million in mandatory funding for Survey of Program Dynamics and State Children's Health Insurance Program. NASS received an anomaly with $62.5 million designated to complete the Census of Agriculture.
7Since official figures are not yet available, these values are based on my best estimates. The are calculated using the FY12 levels or the anomaly levels in the in the final CR bill, then substracting the rescissions (2.513% for Ag, 1.877% for CJS, 0.189% for Labor/HHS) and the sequrestration cut of 5.1%. The entries forBJS, NCSES, NCHS, ORES and SOI are especially tentative because it was their umbrella organizations that were subject to across-the-board cuts and so it is possible the cuts of these organizations will differ from the 5.1%.
8SOI underwent a realignment within its parent organization RAS in FY12 that included a transfer of 24 FTE’s, which accounts for a large part of the decrease between FY12 and FY13.
Updates (and sources):
  1. 4/26: NCHS budget number from this CDC document, p. 4.
  2. 3/28: Agencies are still determining their final FY13 budget so these values are based on our best estimates for the effect of sequrestration and rescissions. The values for BJS and Census were reported in March 25 COSSA Washington Update. BEA, ERS and NASS all received anomalies in the final CR bill, albeit a lower value for ERS! In addition to sequestration, the bill included rescissions: 2.513% for Ag, 1.877% for CJS, 0.189% for Labor/HHS.
  3. 3/4: Sequestration cuts: 5.1% from FY12 levels. These levels are likely to be the final levels.
  4. 9/18: "White House document reports 8.2% sequestration cuts for NSF, NIH, and statistical agencies," 9/18 ASA Community blog entry.
  5. 8/15: Congress agrees in principal to 6 month continuing resolution, putting off FY13 decisions most likely until after the election: Congress Ready to Extend Budget at Current Levels, Science magazine piece, 8/10/12.
  6. 7/9: Final FY13 levels for BTS from MAP-21 Conference Report to Accompany H.R. 4348 (top of p. 470.)
  7. 6/15: Senate Labor/HHS Report Language
  8. 6/12: Senate Summary: Fiscal Year 2013 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill
  9. 6/12: House Ag subcommittee bill
  10. 5/11: House CJS floor action
  11. 5/7 Business Week and COSSA Washington Update stories linked below (in "See also")
  12. 4/30:Senate E&W Report, Senate Ag/FDA bill,
  13. 4/26: House CJS Report, Summary: Senate FY13 Agriculture Appropriations Bill
  14. 4/24: Senate CJS billSenate E&W bill summary 
  15. 4/18: House CJS bill and summary
  16. 4/17: House E&W bill, p. 23Senate CJS subcommittee mark-up
  17. 4/16: House and Senate mark-up are scheduled to begin week of April 16 with Senate doing CJS & Transportation/HUD and House doing E&W on 4/18 and CJS on 4/19.

See also:

Statistical Agency abbreviations
BEA   Bureau of Economic Analysis
BJS   Bureau of Justice Statistics
BLS   Bureau of Labor Statistics
BTS   Bureau of Transportation Statistics
ERS    Economic Research Service
EIA    Energy Information Administration
NASS National Agricultural Statistics Service
NCES National Center for Education Statistics
NCHS National Center for Health Statistics
NCSES National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, NSF
ORES Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics, SSA
SOI   Statistics of Income Division, IRS