Effect of Government Shutdown on Federal Statistical Data Noticed by Major Media

By Steve Pierson posted 10-04-2013 15:40

With today's cancellation by the BLS of the September jobs data and other such cancellations, major news media and others have published stories on the impacts of the government shutdown on economic statistical data:    

While I'm sorry for the effect of the shutdown on the federal statistical agencies and the rest of the federal government, I welcome the news coverage to help communicate the importance of these agencies. As I've done with other blog entries, I'll maintain a list below of subsequent news stories that I become aware of. Please email any you don't see on the list.

I'd like to see the news coverage continue. The WSJ piece above has a list of the private and public data reports this month. Are there others not on the list? For example, I notice they don't include any reports from the Department of Agriculture or Department of Energy (ERS, NASS, and EIA). I also note the more extensive Quandl list of U.S. government data providers.

In case you missed stories on the effects of the FY13 budget cuts on the statistical agencies, I list those here:

For more on the FY13 cuts, you might also look at my pieces:

Additional stories [to be updated as I become aware of them]:

I thank APDU, C-FARE, and COPAFS for making me aware of some of the above stories. 

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