FY12 Statistical Agency Budget Requests

By Steve Pierson posted 04-04-2011 16:07

"Federal statistical programs produce key information to illuminate public and private decisions on a range of topics, including the economy, the population, agriculture, crime, education, energy, the environment, health, science, and transportation. The share of budget resources spent on supporting Federal statistics is relatively modest—about 0.04 percent of GDP in non-decennial census years and roughly double that in decennial census years—but that funding is leveraged to inform crucial decisions in a wide variety of spheres. The ability of governments, businesses, and the general public to make appropriate decisions about budgets, employment, investments, taxes, and a host of other important matters depends critically on the ready availability of relevant, accurate, and timely Federal statistics."
Opening paragraph, "Strengthening Federal Statistics" Chapter, FY2012 Analytical Perspectives, p. 65.
The numbers for the Federal Statistical Agency Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12) Budget Requests were released this morning (2/14/11): http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/Overview. In general, it appears the administration requested roughly the same numbers as for FY11.

The table below has the FY10 enacted levels and the FY11 requested levels, along with the FY12 requested levels. Keep in mind that the FY11 budget has not yet been settled, so one should compare the FY12 request with both the FY10 enacted level and FY 11 requested level. I'll add the FY11 enacted level as they are settled.

Agency (amounts in millions of $)   
   FY11 Request   
    FY12 Request   
 Bureau of Economic Analysis
 93 108
 Bureau of Justice Statistics 69
 Bureau of Labor Statistics
 Bureau of Transportation Statistics  27  30 35
 Census Bureau
 Economic Research Service
 Energy Information Administration
 111 129
 National Agricultural Statistics Service
 162 165
 National Center for Education Statistics 
 264 279
 National Center for Health Statistics
 139  162  162
 Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics, SSA  28  32  35
 Statistics of Income Division, IRS 43
 44  44

The FY10 and FY12 numbers come from p. 68 of the Special Topics section of the FY2012 Analytical Perspectives and the FY11 request numbers from p. 319 of the Special Topics section of the FY2011 Analytical Perspectives.

For more on the FY12 request, see my article for the APDU newsletter (must be an APDU member to view) or my article in the April Amstat News: "Administration Affirms Role of Data-Driven Decisionmaking with FY12 Budget Requests."

To offset some of the Census Bureau's FY12 initiatives, the Administration has proposed the follow Census Bureau terminations (from http://www.osec.doc.gov/bmi/budget/12CJ/Census_Bureau_FY_2012_Congressional_Submission.pdf; p. CEN-6):
• Terminate Current Industrial Reports – a decrease of $4.0 million (-35 FTE)
• Reduce Demographic Surveys Sample Redesign – a decrease of $1.5 million (-9 FTE)
• Terminate Foreign Research and Analyses – a decrease of $1.5 million (-12 FTE)
• Terminate Federal Financial Statistics – a decrease of $0.7 millon (-6 FTE)
• Reduce Data Processing Systems – a decrease of $1.7 million (-0 FTE)
• Reduce Measuring E-business – a decrease of $1.5 million (-0 FTE)
• Terminate Statistical Abstract – a decrease of $2.9 million (-24 FTE)
• Terminate Demographic Call Center – a decrease of $0.9 million (-5 FTE)
• Terminate Population Distributions – a decrease of $1.2 million (-6 FTE)
If there are other statistical agency FY12 request details you'd like me to include, please email me.

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09-02-2011 08:58

I've added links (above in "Related Links") to four recent pieces calling for the continuation of the Census Bureau's "Statistical Abstract."