FY13 NSF and NIH Budget Requests: NSF up 5%; NIH flat

By Steve Pierson posted 02-13-2012 11:53

The Obama Administration announced this morning its budget request for Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13), which begins October 1. The table below has the request level for NSF and NIH along with their FY10, FY11, and FY12 budgets.

     FY10  FY11  FY12 FY13 Request


  NIH    $30.95B        30.688      30.623    30.623


  NSF 6.910   6.913 7.033 7.373
     Levels in billions of dollars
     Source (for FY11-FY13): NSF; NIH, p. ES-4.

NSF does does very well in this request with a requested increase of almost 5% ($340 million). The Research and Related Activities line increases from $5.621 billion to $5.915 billion. NIH, if funded at the requested level, would lose level of effort due to inflationary increases.

According to The Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research, the NIH budget request "assumes the transfer of $78.9 million from the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and $150 million in mandatory funding for Type I diabetes research funding, which would result in an NIH program level of $30.860 billion. These totals do not include $80 million in funding for Alzheimer’s research announced last week by the administration.

For more on the NSF request, see For more on the NIH request, see See also, Science magazine's piece 2/17/12 piece, Science Spared Brunt of Ax in Budget Request, which covers the FY13 budget request for all science agencies.

[I will post Congress's actions on the FY13 budget for NSF and NIH in a separate, to-be-created blog entry, similar to what I did for FY12.]

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