11 Students Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships for Statistics

By Steve Pierson posted 04-11-2014 12:42

According to an April 1 NSF press release, NSF announced 2000 recipients of the Graduate Research Fellowships (GRF). 11 of these were awarded to statistics students. Congratulations to these 2014 recipients: ​
Name Baccalaureate Institution Field of Study Current Institution
Bodwin, Kelly Nicole Harvard University Statistics UNC Chapel Hill
Chan, Jeffrey Dean-Will MIT Computational Statistics MIT
Gasca, Natalie C. Cal Poly- Pomona Biostatistics University of Washington
Helgeson, Erika Gonzaga University Biostatistics UNC Chapel Hill
Hwang, Jessica Harvard University Statistics Stanford University
Jackson, Jami Nishelle Columbia University Statistics North Carolina State University
Lenssen, Nathan John Lillis Claremont McKenna College Statistics
Liu, Keli Harvard University Statistics
Pitcan, Yannik Kashif Harvard University Statistics UC Berkeley
Plantinga, Anna Calvin College Biostatistics University of Washington
Waschka, Andre Kurepa North Carolina State University Statistics UC Berkeley
For information on applying for the Graduate Research Fellowship and to see Q&A's with past winners, see these articles

These awards were 11 of the 66 awarded through the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS). Here is the breakdown for DMS awards by field of study: ​

  Algebra, Number Theory, and Combinatorics 18
  Analysis 1
  Applied Mathematics                                  17
  Biostatistics 3
  Computational Mathematics 2
  Computational Statistics 1
  Geometric Analysis 1
  Logic or Foundations of Mathematics 3
  Mathematical Biology 4
  other (specify) - Algebraic Geometry 1
  other (specify) - Analytic Number Theory 1
  other (specify) - Dynamics 1
  other (specify) - Geometry 1
  Probability 1
  Statistics 7
  Topology 4

If you are curious what the most represented baccalaureate institutions are, here are the top 20 of 476 institutions for the 2014 awards (which represents 547 of the 2000 GRF awardees):
Cornell University 48
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 47
Stanford University 36
University of California-Berkeley 33
Princeton University 28
University of Florida 28
University of Maryland 28
University of California-San Diego 27
Harvard University 27
University of Washington 26
University of California-Los Angeles 26
University of Texas at Austin 24
Yale University 23
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 22
California Institute of Technology 21
Duke University 20
University of California-Davis 19
Columbia University 19
Georgia Institute of Technology 18
The 21 most represented, out of 273 total, in the Current Institution category (representing 862 awardees of the 1843 with Current Institution listed) are
Stanford University 76
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 74
Cornell University 53
University of Washington 53
University of California-Berkeley 50
Harvard University 43
University of Texas at Austin 42
Yale University 41
University of California-Irvine 37
Northwestern University 37
University of California-Los Angeles 36
University of Michigan Ann Arbor 35
California Institute of Technology 34
Georgia Institute of Technology 32
Columbia University 32
University of Wisconsin-Madison 30
University of Colorado at Boulder 30
Duke University 29
University of California-San Diego 28
Princeton University 28

For GRF proposal funding rate information, I received this email from the administrators on 6/30/14:
For the 2014 GRFP, NSF received over 14,000 submitted applications and made 2,000 awards. For the 2012 and 2013 competitions, NSF received over 13,000 applications each year, and made 2,000 awards. Beyond that, we regret that we are unable to provide any statistics about the applicant or awardee pool.
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