FY14 NSF and NIH Budget Developments

By Steve Pierson posted 07-10-2013 14:39

This blog entry tracks FY14 appropriations developments for NSF and NIH and so will updated accordingly. (See log updates below.) To receive notifications of updates, follow ASA Science Policy on Twitter: @ASA_SciPol. 

1/13: The omnibus levels are the "raw numbers" in the omnibus bill, by which I mean I haven't looked at the fine print rescissions or other such trims/cuts from these levels. The House and Senate still need to pass the omnibus, at which point it would go to the president for his signature. [1/24/14: See also the FASEB Analysis of the final FY13 NIH budget. 2/3/14: See the AAAS Analysis. 2/20/14: See the Science article, NIH Is Losing Its Funding Edge, 2014 Budget Suggests.]



     FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13   Request     House    Senate   Omnibus 


  NIH     $30.95B     30.688     30.623     29.300   31.3   30.995*   29.926


NSF 6.910 6.913 7.033  6.884 7.626 6.995*  7.4*  7.172 
Levels in billions of dollars
Latest Action: *Subcommittee mark-up; **Committee mark-up; ***Passed the Floor

Updates (and sources):
  1. 1/13/14: omnibus levels
  2. 7/16/13: Senate CJS Approps summary
  3. 7/11/13: Senate Labor/HHS Approps bill summary.
  4. 7/10/13: House CJS Approps summary.

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