Conference Grants

SSPA Conference Grant Program for Students and Recent Graduates

The ASA Section for Statistical Programmers and Analysts (SSPA) has a small grant program to pay the primary registration fees for section members who have recently graduated and who want to attend an ASA conference.
• The applicant is a current student or has graduated from a college or university within the previous three years with a degree in statistics, biostatistics, applied mathematics, or a related field.
• The applicant must be a member of the SSPA in the year for which funds are requested.
• The conference must be an ASA-sponsored conference such as the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) or the ASA Conference on Statistical Practice.

The applicant should fill out the Conference Grant Application and send the application to the Ant Gillespie, SSPA Treasurer, at The decision to approve a grant is dependent upon sufficient funds being available. If possible, send your application before you register for the conference. However, you can also send an application after registration.

Applications should be received at least six weeks prior to the start of a conference.

The Treasurer will administer this grant program and present an annual report to the Executive Committee. A maximum of 10 awards are authorized per year, and no person shall receive more than $500 during a calendar year.

Download the SSPA Conference Grant Application