Award for Innovation in Statistical Programming and Analytics


The SSPA Award in Innovation in Statistical Programming and Analytics (AISPAA) is intended to recognize teams and individuals that have developed or introduced enhancements to tools, software, and methodology for the solution of problems in statistical programming and analytics or have made large contributions to the community of statistical programmers and analysts.  This award is not limited to senior members, nor for career service.  Instead anyone who a made a considerable contribution within this domain may be nominated.


It is encouraged that each nominee is a member of SSPA, but not required.  However, each nominee (or at least one member of a nominated team) be a current ASA member.


The award will consist of a $300 honorarium (total) to all reward recipients and framed citation to each recipient.  The SSPA will also host a webinar given by the recipient(s) on a subject of their choosing.  Travel to JSM is not required to receive the award, and the award can be presented to an appointed representative of the team or sent to the team by mail.  Travel will not be provided for the award.


The recipients of AISSPA will be determined by an awards committee.  The committee is formed by SSPA officers, and nominees are chosen and ranked according to the level of contribution in the three following categories:

  •       Improvement in software tools for statistical programming and analytics.
  •       Methodology to improve the efficiency of statistical programming and analytics.
  •       Outstanding contributions to the community of statistical programmers and analysts.

The due date for award submissions is May 1st each year, and the recipient will be identified and notified by May 31st of that year.  Public announcement of the award will occur at JSM. 

Any current member of the awards committee or executive of the section cannot be considered for the award.

Nominations should include:

  •       Nomination letter, no longer than one page, addressing the three categories mentioned above.
  •       Nominee's CV(s).
  •       Maximum of four supporting letters.

Selection Committee:

The committee will consist of at least the current section chair, chair elect, a previous chair of the section and the current program chair.  Optionally, other officers of the section may participate.  Selection will be determined by majority vote; this may be done in a meeting or through email.

Please send nominations to