Visit Evaluation Form (Speaker)

American Statistical Association

SPES Marquardt Memorial Industrial Speakers Program Visit Evaluation Form

Click here for a version in MS Word format to be completed by the speaker.

Mail this form to:

Mary G. Leitnaker
334 Stokely Management Center
916 Volunteer Boulevard
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Knoxville, TN 37996-0532

Date of visit: ____________________________

Total cost of visit: _______________________

College or University Visited: _____________________________________________________

Department: __________________________________________________________________

Host Contact/Title: _____________________________________________________________

Industrial speaker and affiliation: __________________________________________________

The purpose of the Marquardt Memorial Industrial Speakers Program is to familiarize graduate students and advanced undergraduates with the role of statisticians in industry.

1. Identify the following formats used in your visit and the approximate number of attendees for each.  Check all that apply.


Number of Attendees

Guest lecturer in class

Statistics/Math Club

Colloquium or seminar

Informal discussions with faculty

Informal discussions with students

2.      If you gave a talk(s) during your visit, please list the title(s) below:

Considering the amount of effort required to make the visit, was the visit worthwhile?  (If no, please explain).

Would you be willing to visit another college or university in the future?

Do you have colleagues that you would recommend who could be added to the SPES speakers list?  If so, please provide contact information below and we will consult with them.





6.      If you could do one thing to improve the Marquardt Memorial Industrial Speakers Program, what would it be?

7.      Was the SPES website helpful in answering your questions about the speakers program?  What can we add to make it better?