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SPES Marquardt Memorial Industrial Speakers Program – List of Speakers

Last updated: October 2010



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Babs J. Ayeni

3M Oil & Gas Business

St. Paul, MN


Chris Breen

Eli Lilly and Company

Indianapolis, IN


William A. Brenneman

The Procter & Gamble Company

Mason, OH


Rob Easterling

Sandia National Laboratories, Retired

Cedar Crest, NM


Larry George

Problem Solving Tools

Livermore, CA


Gerry Hahn

General Electric, Retired

Schenectady, NY


Lynne Hare

Kraft Foods, Retired

Chester, NJ


Fred Hulting

General Mills, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN


James Kenyon


Pennington, NJ


Greg Larsen

G.A. Larsen Consulting, LLC

Loveland, CO


Kary Myers

Statistical Sciences Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos, NM


Wayne Nelson

Wayne Nelson Statistical Consulting

Schenectady, NY


Margie Nemeth


St. Louis, MO


Greg Piepel

Battelle, PNNL

Richland, WA


José Ramirez

W. L. Gore & Associates

Landenberg, PA


Jorge Luis Romeu

Syracuse University and IIT Research Institute

Syracuse, NY


Jim Rutherford

Chevron Oronite Company LLC

Richmond, CA


Philip R. Scinto


Wickliffe, OH


Thomas Scripps

Scripps & Associates, PC

Evergreen, CO


Winson Taam


Seattle, WA


Jennifer Van Mullekom

DuPont Applied Statistics Group

Richmond, VA


Babs J. Ayeni

Major Functional/Technology Strengths:

·         Statistical Training and Consulting Support; Corporate Statistical Expert (DOE, Test Methods, SPC, Mixture Designs, ARIMA Forecasting, Time Series, Acceptance Sampling), New Product Scale Up, Quality and Process Improvement (Manufacturing and R&D Labs), Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Modeling & Simulation.

·         Innovative application of statistical methods and thinking to improving and addressing business and technical needs.


Ph.D. Statistics (1984), University of  Louisiana , Lafayette , LA.
MS Petroleum Engineering Systems (1981), University of Louisiana , Lafayette , LA.
BS Petroleum Engineering (1980), University of  Louisiana , Lafayette , LA.

Areas of Specialization:

Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma, Neural Nets, Response Surface Methodology.

Key Accomplishments:

·         Recipient of 1992 3P Award from 3M in recognition of a cost savings approach to pollution prevention based on a new multivariable sampling plan developed for Sarns/3M.

·         Recipient of the 1994 IT Division Pyramid of Excellence Award for the development of a new multivariable sampling plan at Sarns/3M that reduced costs and saved over $500,000 per year.

·         Recipient of a 1994 professional achievement award given by Minnesota Institute for Nigerian Development (MIND).

·         Received several academic honors; Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics Honor); Phi Eta sigma (Freshman Honor); Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor); Pi Epsilon Tau (petroleum Engineering Honor); Who’s Who in the South and Southwest (1986/87); Who’s Who in America (1987/1988); Who’s Who Among Nigerians in America ; Recipient of four year full scholarship leading to a B.S Degree in Petroleum Engineering; Recipient of oneyear scholarship leading to an M.S degree in Petroleum Engineering; Recipient of Doctoral scholarship leading to a PhD degree in Statistics.

Contact info:

Babs J. Ayeni, Ph.D.
3M Oil & Gas Business
Energy and Advanced Materials Division
3M Center, Building 236-02A-07
St. Paul , MN 55144
Phone: 651-736-9519
Fax: 651-733-4335

Christopher C. Breen

Christopher has a BA (Mathematics, Secondary Education, and Computer Science) from Augustana College and an MS (Statistics) from the University of Iowa. He left the PhD program at Iowa to take a statistical position at Micron Technology (a semiconductor and PC manufacturer) in Boise, Idaho. While at Micron, he worked on a wide variety of practical problems supporting manufacturing. After seven years, he moved to Texas to take a job with Samsung (a semiconductor manufacturer). He was with Samsung for six years working on site-wide SPC implementation, statistical training, Six Sigma, and Quality Engineering. He is currently working for Eli Lilly (a pharmaceutical manufacturer) in Indianapolis . In his 16 years of manufacturing experience, he has filled every role from Line Operator to Quality Engineering Manager, including supporting statistician (twice). A certified Six Sigma Black Belt and an ASQ certified Quality Engineer, Christopher brings a broad perspective to the Statistician’s role in modern manufacturing.

Possible seminar topics:

·         Six Sigma and the Statistician

·         Adding Value as a Manufacturing Statistician

·         Measurement Systems – what every Statistician should know

·         SPC from Everyone’s Perspective

·         Five Graduate Courses You’ll Wish You Took

·         Common Statistical Tools in Industry

Contact info:

Christopher C. Breen
Associate Senior Statistician
Eli Lilly and Company
Indianapolis, IN 46285
Phone: 317-651-4849
Breen_ Chris

William A. Brenneman

The Procter & Gamble Company

Professional Experience

Senior Statistician:  The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
College Math Instructor:  Hesston College, Hesston, Kansas
High School Math Teacher and Coach:  Iowa Mennonite High School, Kalona, Iowa


BA Mathematics and Education, Tabor College
MS Mathematics, University of Iowa
Ph.D. Statistics, University of Michigan


·         Brenneman, W.A., Myers, W.R. (2001), “Basic Principles of Acceptance Sampling,” Regulatory Affairs Focus, 6(10), 34-36.

·         Brenneman, W.A., Nair, V.N. (2001), “Methods for Identifying Dispersion Effects in Unreplicated Factorial Experiments:  A Critical Analysis and Proposed Strategies,” Technometrics, 43, 388-405.

·         Brenneman, W.A., Myers, W.R., (2003), “Robust Parameter Design with Categorical Noise Variables,” Journal of Quality Technology, 35(4), 335-341.

·         Brenneman, W.A. (2004), “One-Sided Confidence Interval for a Binomial Parameter,” Joint Newsletter for the Section of Physical and Engineering Sciences and the Quality and Productivity Section of the American Statistical Association, 12(1), 11 – 12.

·         Myers, W.R., Brenneman, W.A. and Myers, R.H. (2005), “A Dual-Response Approach to Robust Parameter Design for a Generalized Linear Model,” Journal of Quality Technology, 37(2), 130 – 138.

·         Robinson, T.J., Brenneman, W.A. and Myers, W.R. (2006), “Process Optimization via Robust Parameter Design when Categorical Noise Variables are Present,” Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 22(3), 307-320.

·         Brenneman, W.A. (2007), “Harvey’s Method for Dispersion Effects,” in Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability, Ruggeri, F., Kenett, R. and Faltin, F.W. (eds). John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester,UK, 789-795.

Possible Seminar Topics

·         How statistical research flows naturally through problems encountered in industry

·         Statistics education in industry

·         Careers in industry

·         Case studies that show the power of statistics in industry

Contact Information

William A. Brenneman
8700 Mason-Montgomery Road
Mason, Ohio, 45040
Phone: 513-622-3195 (office)
Phone: 513-780-6007 (cell)

Robert G. Easterling

Rob Easterling graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1967 and joined Sandia’s statistical group at that time. He was at Sandia from 1967-2001 except for one semester as Visiting Lecturer at the University ofWisconsin (1974), a two-year assignment as Statistical Advisor with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1975-77), and an 8-month Research Fellowship with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (1994). At Sandia he managed the Statistics and Human Factors department and the Systems Modeling and Analysis department and became a Senior Scientist in 1998. After his retirement from Sandia in 2001, he taught at theUniversity of Michigan and the University of Auckland . Professionally, he has been Editor of Technometrics, is a Fellow of the ASA, served on various society and conference committees, and has published about 75 reports and papers. Project and research interests have been in the general application of statistical methods and ideas in an R&D environment, reliability, and personnel issues. Current research pertains to measuring the predictive capability of complex computational models.

Possible seminar topics:

·         Measuring the predictive capability of complex computational models – the design and analysis of experiments used to validate computational models

·         Statistical problems in reliability – especially determining system reliability confidence bounds from component data and the design of reliability test programs

·         Passion-Driven Statistics

·         Teaching introductory experimental design

Contact info:

Robert G. Easterling
51 Avenida del Sol
Cedar Crest , NM 87008
Phone: 505-286-8796

Larry George

Larry specializes in reliability statistics and their applications to hardware, software, and humans. If your local auto parts store doesn’t have the part you need, it could be Larry’s fault. Forced by the lack of age-at-failure data, he derived nonparametric reliability estimates from what the industry calls ships and returns counts. Fortunately, generally accepted accounting principles require ships and returns counts, so statistically sufficient data are available to estimate the field reliability of all products and service parts. The availability of field reliability statistics led to many productive applications in transportation, computers and electronics, sensors, medical, and even clinical trials for AIDS, hantavirus, and transplants.

Larry learned from the great statisticians at UC Berkeley while studying operations research. He taught for 11 years, worked for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for 11 years, and has over 20 years of reliability statistics experience in the real world, including industrial training experience.

Please refer to for recent publications and links to other articles and presentations.

Potential Seminar Topics:

·         Field Reliability Estimation Without Life Data

·         Could Firestone and Ford Have Known?

·         Actuarial forecasts, spares, and opportunistic maintenance

·         Reliability vs. Uncertainty About Reliability

·         Virtual Reliability, Virtual Statistics and Virtual Logistics

·         Other, topics related to field reliability and its applications.

Contact Information:

Larry George, Ph.D.  IE&OR
ASQ Fellow and Certified Reliability Engineer
Problem Solving Tools
Phone: 925-447-4969

Gerry Hahn

Gerry Hahn worked for the General Electric Company’s Research and Development Center (CRD) for over forty-six years and established its Applied Statistics Program at the General Electric Company’s Corporate Research and Development Center (CRD) in 1973. Gerry served as program manager until his retirement in May 2001. This highly successful program is a recognized world leader in advancing quality and productivity improvement in all of GE’s businesses, and is responsible for the effective, proactive use of statistics to address key manufacturing, engineering, and financial issues throughout the Company, and for developing advanced Six Sigma tools. In 1984, Dr. Hahn was named a Coolidge Fellow by GE CRD (the organization’s highest honor) for “his wide-ranging accomplishments in the fields of statistics and quality control.”

Education and University Affiliations

Ph.D., Operations Research and Statistics, Rensselaer Polytechnic University 1971
M.S., Statistics, Columbia University, 1953; M.S. Mathematics, Union College, 1965
B.B.A., City College of New York, 1952
Adjunct Faculty, Union College, 1970-1990; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2001-
Sabbaticals: Harvard, Stat Dept./MIT: Spring 1986; Stanford University, OR Dept: Spring 1992

Professional Societies

·         Fellow (since 1973) of the American Statistical Association (ASA) and (since 1976) of the American Society for Quality (ASQ)

·         Elected member, International Statistical Institute (1985)

·         Member and Chair, ASA, Committee on Fellows (1995-1999); member numerous other committees

·         Editorial Board, Journal of Quality Technology (1986-1993), Technometrics (1985-1994), and Six Sigma Forum (2001-)

·         Organizer and first chairman, ASA Committee on Quality and Productivity (1985)

·         Chairman, Gordon Research Conference on Statistics in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (1988)


·         Books

o    Statistical Models in Engineering (Wiley, 1967) – with S. Shapiro (reprinted in Wiley Classic Series, 1994; translated into Russian)

o    How to Plan an Accelerated Life Test (ASQ Basic References in QC, 1985) – with W. Meeker

o    Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners (Wiley, 1991) – with W. Meeker

o    Statistics in the Corporate World (Wiley, 2003)-with N. Doganaksoy.

·         Contributed chapters to ten other books

·         100 papers in refereed statistical and engineering journals

·         150 invited presentations

·         Random Samplings column for Chemtech: 1974-1988; Quality Progress Statistics Roundtable contributor: 1998- .


·         Jack Youden Prize, ASQ, 1970 (for best expository paper in Technometrics)

·         Brumbaugh Award, ASQ, 1974, 1980, and 1982 (for paper judged to have made the largest contribution to the development of industrial applications of quality control)

·         Shewell Prize, ASQ, 1975 and 1990 (for best paper, ASA/ASQ Fall Technical Conference)

·         Wilcoxon Prize, ASQ, 1979, 1989 (for best practical applications paper in Technometrics)

·         Outstanding Statistician Award - Chicago Chapter, ASA, 1984

·         William G. Hunter Award, ASQ, 1991 (for person whose qualities best mirror Bill Hunter)

·         Shewhart Medal, ASQ, 1992 (for “his outstanding contributions and demonstrated leadership in the science and techniques of quality control and applied statistics; for his proactive role in fostering Total Quality Management; and, for his dedication as a pioneer in the quality revolution”)

·         Deming Medal, ASQ, 1994 (for distinguished applications of Dr, Deming’s principles to industry)

·         Harry Roberts Statistical Advocacy Award— Chicago Chapter, ASA, 2002.

·         Keynote speaker: Youden Address—1987 ASA/ASQ Fall Technical Conference; 1999 ASA/IMS Spring Research Conference; 2001 ASA Deming Address; 2001 CIMAT ( Mexico ) Six Sigma Conference; 2002 Deming Research Conference.

·         Ten other special citations from ASA/ASQ and ORSA/TIMS

Contact info:

Dr. Gerald (Gerry) J. Hahn
Phone: 518-374-0713

Lynne Hare

Dr. Lynne B. Hare has recently retired as Director of Applied Statistics at Kraft Foods and returned to private practice.  His consulting offerings span most major corporate activities, with particular emphasis in R&D and Manufacturing.

Research leadership focuses on Statistical Thinking as it plays a singular, critical role in efficiency, teamwork and the acceleration of speed to successful marketing through data-driven decisions and Experimental Design, including screening and optimizing designs, and Data Analysis and Interpretation.

Manufacturing leadership encourages examination of the whole process with goals to improve both productivity and quality through the reduction of process variation.  Lynne leads client organizations through the discovery process whereby major sources of process variation are detected and eliminated, resulting in vastly increased throughput and customer satisfaction.


Lynne brings with him 40 years of industrial applied statistics and quality management experience.  He has led applied statistics departments at Hunt-Wesson Foods, Unilever, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and, most recently, Kraft Foods, Inc. where he won that company’s Senior Technology Award for expanding the sphere of statistical influence on a global basis, thereby saving, according to Kraft estimates, literally hundreds of millions of dollars.

Lynne has been named by the American Society for Quality a “Pioneer in Statistical Thinking,” a distinction that comes from numerous successful projects, lectures, short courses and co-authorship of a book on the subject.  He is regarded as an Experimental Design expert and is noted for both technical expertise in the field and broad dissemination of the technology through industrial short courses, one-on-one consulting and value rich strategic applications.  His work in this field includes efficient decision science for chemical-physical measures and for sensory/consumer measures alike.

He has adapted Statistical Thinking to the manufacturing environment by introducing Process Variation Reduction (PVR) and leading others to apply the methods to great financial and customer satisfaction advantage.  PVR, a precursor to Six Sigma, whets the appetite for broad, organization-wide quality and productivity initiatives.  Lynne works on the leading edge of these initiatives, and has taught and mentored Six Sigma Master Black Belts, Black Belts, etc., championing the cause at high corporate levels.

A Fellow of both the American Statistical Association and the American Society for Quality, Lynne has served as Chairman of ASA’s Section on Quality and Productivity and ASQ’s Statistics Division.  He has worked on numerous ASA committees and contributed to the body of knowledge there.  The ASQ has acknowledged his leadership by granting him the William G. Hunter Award for excellence in statistical leadership and the Ellis R. Ott Award for excellence in quality management.  He continues to contribute there by authoring a bi-annual column in Quality ProgressMagazine.

Lynne holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Food Engineering and Statistics from Rutgers University , a master’s degree in Applied and Mathematical Statistics, also from Rutgers , and an A.B. in mathematics from The Colorado College.

Contact info:

Dr. Lynne B. Hare
Phone: 908-879-0610


Fred Hulting

Fred is Senior Technology Manager, Statistics, within the General Mills R&D Organization. Fred and his group provide leadership on research design, data collection, data analysis, and statistical computing to the R&D, Quality, Operations, and Market Research functions of General Mills. They also have responsibility for NetStat, an innovative approach to using the intranet to deploy statistical tools to General Mills employees throughout the world. NetStat has been featured in Business Week magazine, and also received an S-PLUS Innovation Award.

Fred received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Statistics from Iowa State University , and his B.S. in Statistics and Computer Science from the University of California at Davis . Prior to joining General Mills, Fred worked in the R&D organizations at Pillsbury, General Motors and Alcoa. Fred has over 20 publications in the statistics, engineering, and scientific literature, and has given many invited presentations on topics related to industrial statistics. Fred is an active member of the American Statistical Association, having served as the President of two local chapters ( Pittsburgh and Twin Cities ), Chair of the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences, Chair of the Spring Research Conference, Chair of the ASA Deming Lecture Committee, and as a member of the Technometrics Editorial Board.

Fred’s previous Marquardt lecture visits on topics ranging from “Just what Does an Industrial Statistician do, Anyway?” to “The Role of Statistics in New Product Development” have been very well-received.

Contact info:
Phone: 763-764-6460

James Kenyon

Dr. Kenyon is a Statistical and Computing Consultant and Adjunct Faculty with The National Graduate School of Quality Management. In addition, he spent more than 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry working on problems in discovery and nonclinical development. His accomplishments include statistical approaches to data normalization; improvement of the analysis and design of RNA & DNA measurements; evaluation of dose response; prediction models and early detection of efficacy and toxicity issues in drug discovery. He has more than 15 years consulting experience covers a wide range of applications, including stock car racing, statistical inventory analysis of underground fuel tanks, forecasting the number of meals to order for an airline flight, evaluation of discrimination data for legal proceedings, and statistical auditing. His clients include: USAirways; Desmond and Cooper, Attorneys at Law; Pierce, Atwood, Scribner, Allen, Smith and Lancaster Attorneys at Law; National Semiconductor, Inc.; Information Builders, Inc.; Goodwrench Racing Team; Binax, Inc.; Northern Data Systems, Inc.; Travelers Insurance Co.; Otis Elevator; TLG Engineering; Response Analysis; North Center Food Service; Maine Advocacy Services. His interests include process and measurement improvement; statistical thinking and lean 6 sigma for better decisions; Prior to that Dr. Kenyon spent 7 years teaching at the graduate, undergraduate and continuing education levels. He has at least 11 publications in the statistics and scientific literature, and has given more than 30 invited presentations on topics related to industrial statistics. He holds PhD and MS degrees in Statistics from the University of Connecticut and a BS in Mathematics from Bates College .
Possible Seminar topics include:

·         statistical thinking and collaboration.

·         improving the design and analysis of normalized data.

·         prediction models for better decisions.

·         nonlinear dose response estimation and inference.

·         variance components for repeatability and reproducibility.

·         analysis of discrete response data in the nonclinical pharmaceutical applications.

He is willing to talk on these topics as well as the pharmaceutical industry or any of his consulting experiences.

During his previous Marquardt lectures his presentations include “Improving PCR measurements of DNA and mRNA using Statistical Thinking” and “Statistical Topics in the Nonclinical Pharmaceutical Industry” have been very well-received by both statisticians and non-statisticians alike. Additionally, during these visits Dr. Kenyon has spent time to talk with students and faculty about practical aspects of working as an applied statistician, what employers are looking for in an employee, things Statistics Programs don’t stress enough, and other topics of interest. These sessions have been enthusiastically received.

Contact info:

James R. Kenyon
Phone: 609-737-7589

Greg Larsen

Greg is the principal of G.A. Larsen Consulting, LLC and is engaged in providing statistical consulting services.  Until January 2008 he was a senior statistician at Agilent Technologies’ Loveland , CO site. Agilent was spun off of Hewlett-Packard in 1999 and is a $6B global technology leader in communications, electronics and life sciences. The Loveland , CO facility is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of test and measurement equipment. Greg provided in-house statistical consulting services at Agilent and Hewlett-Packard for over 24 years. He has done work in areas such as measurement system analysis, designed experiments, reliability engineering, supply chain modeling, sample design, order forecasting and tolerance analysis. For many years he described the role of industrial statisticians for classes at Colorado State U.

Greg received a BS in Math at the U of Nebraska at Kearney and an MS in Statistics from Texas A&M U. Prior to joining Hewlett-Packard in 1983, he worked for the US Dept of Agriculture where he conducted research to develop better methods of estimating and forecasting crop yields. Greg has been a member of ASA for over 25 years and is a senior member of ASQ where he holds certification as a reliability engineer.

Contact information:

G.A. Larsen Consulting, LLC
3316 Moffat Ave
Loveland, CO 80538
Phone: 970-663-1033

Kary Myers

Education, Carnegie Mellon
PhD, Statistics, 2006
MS, Machine Learning, 2002
BS, Statistics with Computer Science Minor, 1999

Kary Myers earned her degrees at Carnegie Mellon while working on projects ranging from galaxy clusters to speech recognition to neuroimaging. Her graduate work was supported by a 6-year fellowship from AT&T Labs, which included internships in their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning departments. She also spent a summer at WhizBang! Labs Research working on natural language processing before switching her focus to biomedical imaging problems.

As a scientist in the Statistical Sciences Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory, she applies statistical and machine learning techniques to time series data, primarily in the context of remote sensing. Remote sensing measurements — measurements collected at a distance from the target of interest — present interesting challenges for statisticians. Sampling rates are typically quite high, 2 MHz or more (that’s 2 million samples every second); the data are often multivariate (e.g., collected from more than one sensor or channel); noise and competing emitters can mask the target because it’s so far from the sensor; and the data often have important characteristics at several time scales — from microseconds to hours or days — that must be accounted for. Kary collaborates with an interdisciplinary team of scientists to provide practical approaches in this difficult regime.

Kary has been actively engaged in the ASA community, serving as the program chair for the Council of Chapters, the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences, and the Section on Statistical Graphics. She is also a founding member of the proposed Section on Statistics in Imaging as well as the 2011-12 president of the Albuquerque chapter. She is the production editor for the journal Bayesian Analysis and an editor of CHANCEmagazine.

For more information about Kary’s experience and publications, please see her CV at

Contact information:

Statistical Sciences Group, CCS-6
PO Box 1663, MS-F600
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM, 87545

Phone: 505-606-1455

Wayne Nelson

Dr. Wayne Nelson is a leading expert on reliability data analysis and statistical methods for accelerated testing.  He privately consults throughout Industry on diverse engineering and scientific applications of Statistics.  His many applications include reliability data analysis, accelerated testing, quality control, measurement error analysis, planned experiments, sampling, and data analysis.  He develops and presents Reliability and Statistics courses for companies, universities, and professional societies.  He develops new statistical methods and computer programs.  He also works as an expert witness

An employee of General Electric Corp. Research & Development for 25 years, he consulted across the company.  As an adjunct professor at Union College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., he taught graduate courses on theory and application of Statistics.  Since 1990 he has been a private consultant and trainer.

He can be reached at  More details of his career, publications, and applications appear at .

A list of his applications and seminars can be found on Dr. Nelson’s web page:

Dr. Nelson authored the book Applied Life Data Analysis, published by Wiley in 1982 and translated into Japanese in 1988 by the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers.  The ASA invited him to present this book in the only short course at the 1982 national meeting.  In 1990, Wiley published his book Accelerated Testing: Statistical Models, Test Plans, and Data Analyses, which he presented as an invited short course at the ASA 1990 national meeting.  He authored the ASA-SIAM (2003) book Recurrent Events Data Analysis for Product Repairs, Disease Recurrences, and Other Applications.  He presented invited short courses from it at the 2002 and 2004 Joint Statistical Meetings, the 2002 Deming Conference, and the 2006 Foro of the Mexican Statistical Assoc. (in Spanish).  He has authored seven book chapters, two Amer. Soc. for Quality tutorial booklets (translated into Italian), and contributed to four technical standards of engineering societies.

The Amer. Statistical Assoc. elected him a Fellow in 1973 for contributions to reliability data analysis.  He was elected to the ASA Council 1975-6, when he established and chaired the ASA Comm. on Presentation Awards (1976-9).

The ASA has awarded him nine Outstanding Presentation Awards for papers presented at the national Joint Statistical Meetings.  In 1981 General Electric Corp. Research & Development presented him the Dushman Award for outstanding developments and applications of statistical methods for product reliability and accelerated test data.  He received GE Corp. R&D Publications Awards in 1981 (100+) and 1985 (125+).  The Amer. Soc. for Quality elected him a Fellow in 1983 for his innovative statistical methodologies.  In 1988, the Inst.  for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) elected him a Fellow for his contributions to reliability and accelerated test data analysis and to reliability education, a rare honor for a statistician.

He was awarded the first NIST/ASA/NSF Senior Research Fellowship at the National Inst. of Standards and Technology (former National Bureau of Standards) to collaborate on modeling electromigration failure of microelectronics.

This fellowship was funded by the National Science Foundation and administered by the Amer. Statistical Assoc.

In 2001 he was awarded a Fulbright Award for research and lecturing (in Spanish) on reliability data analysis for the School of Engineering of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina’s leading engineering university, and for local engineering and statistical chapters.  Since then he has annually given a series of seminars for the Univ. de Buenos Aires.

In 2004, the Amer. Soc. for Quality awarded him the Shewhart Medal for his technical leadership, in particular for innovative developments and applications of theory and methods for analyzing quality, reliability, and accelerated test data, and for widely disseminating such developments through his books and many publications, talks, and courses.

In 2005 the Reliability Society of the IEEE presented him the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Society’s most prestigious honor.  He was the second person ever to receive this award.  It recognizes his developments of methods for analyzing reliability and accelerated test data and his many contributions to reliability education through his books, articles, and courses.


Dr. Nelson authored the book Applied Life Data Analysis, published by Wiley in 1982 and translated into Japanese in 1988 by the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers.  The ASA invited him to present this book in the only short course at the 1982 national meeting.  In 1990, Wiley published his book Accelerated Testing: Statistical Models, Test Plans, and Data Analyses, which he presented as an invited short course at the ASA 1990 national meeting.  He authored the ASA-SIAM (2003) book Recurrent Events Data Analysis for Product Repairs, Disease Recurrences, and Other Applications. He presented invited short courses from it at the 2002 and 2004 Joint Statistical Meetings, the 2002 Deming Conference, and the 2006 Foro of the Mexican Statistical Assoc. (in Spanish).  He has authored seven book chapters, two Amer. Soc. for Quality tutorial booklets (translated into Italian), and contributed to four technical standards of engineering societies.  He has authored over 120 literature publications on statistical methods, mostly for engineering applications.  For publications, he was awarded the 1969 Brumbaugh Award, the 1970 Youden Prize, and the 1972 Wilcoxon Prize, all of the Amer. Soc. for Quality.

For a detailed list of publications, consult his website,

Possible Seminar Topics

·         Confidence limits for normal and lognormal distribution percentiles from singly censored samples

·         BLUE methods for censored samples from (log)normal life distributions

·         Exact limits for parameters of a normal distribution from singly censored samples

·         Weibull analysis of reliability data with few or no failures

·         Life data analysis in industry

·         Benefits of switching to reduced sample inspection with poor quality history

·         How to analyze reliability data with simple plots

·         Confidence limits for the mean cumulative number of failures of a repairable product

·         Hazard plotting of left truncated data

·         How to estimate a standard deviation of measurement error from one measurement

·         A nonparametric two-sample comparison for recurrence data – applied to repair data and disease recurrences

·         A statistical model and computer program for analysis of data on the effect of specimen size on life, strength, and other properties – with an application to electromigration failure of microcircuit conductors

·         Advances in accelerated testing

·         Simple plots for recurrence data on product repair and disease recurrences

·         A survey of accelerated test plans

·         Repair data analysis with two measures of usage – applied to hours on and number of specimens processed by blood chemistry analyzers

·         Defect initiation and growth – a general statistical model and data analyses

·         Weibull prediction of a future number of failures

·         How to make outstanding statistical presentations

·         Important practical issues lacking in design of experiments courses – what you professor didn’t tell you

·         Developing an efficient inventory reorder system

·         Cost Optimal Sudden-Death Life Testing

·         Analysis of Survival Data Or How Long Will my Pacemaker and Toaster Last?

·         Birthrates of Statisticians – An Application of Recurrence Data Analysis

·         Residuals and Their Analysis for Accelerated Life Tests with Step and Varying Stress

·         Accelerated test prediction of fleet reliability of units under differing time-varying stresses in service

·         Better Accelerated Tests

·         A Bibliography of Accelerated Test Plans

·         Graphical Analysis of Recurrent Events Data on Product Repairs, Disease Recurrences, and Other Applications

·         Nonparametric Comparison of Sets of Repair Data

Contact info:

Dr. Wayne Nelson
739 Huntingdon Dr. , Schenectady , NY   12309
Phone: 518-346-5138

Margie Nemeth

Presently the team leader for the Statistics Technology Center of Monsanto. The center supports the regulatory, manufacturing, biotechnology, seed, chemistry, marketing and commercial divisions of Monsanto’s agricultural business.  I have five permanent individuals (four statisticians and one programmer) directly reporting to me.   In addition I manage one outside statistical consulting contract.  As part of my management duties I coach direct reports on both statistical and personal development issues, handle budget issues, address strategic and FTO issues, and serve on the regulatory leadership team.

Since 1986, I have been the statistician for the International Commission on Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA).  I provide statistical support (free of charge) to the international and U.S. National Committees. My role ranges from an advisor to actual analysis of collaborative studies for the sugar industry.

Professional Experience

·         Associate Fellow and Team Leader, Statistics Technology Center , Regulatory Sciences, Monsanto Company, St. Louis , Missouri . (1985-current).

·         Mathematical Statistician, 1984-85, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Southern Regional Research Center , New Orleans , Louisiana .

·         Assistant Professor, 1978-84, Department of Statistics, Texas A&M University, College Station , Texas.


B.A.   Math & Psychology, Cleveland State University .
M.S.   Math, Cleveland State University (Complex variables).
Ph.D.  Statistics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Multivariate and Experimental Design).

Professional Activity

·         Elected Fellow of ASA, 2003.

·         Appointed an Examiner for the Baldrige Award, 2003, 2004..

·         Elected to Monsanto’s Fellow Program, January, 2002.

·         1995, 2004, YWCA Leader Award, St. Louis , MO.

·         Numerous Monsanto Awards including Reggie Award, 2004.

·         Member of Texas A&M Center for Teaching Excellence, 1983

·         Graduate State Tuition Scholarship, 9/77 – 3/78


Nemeth, M. A. (1998).  Discussant, Key Challenges for Statisticians in Business and Industry by G. Hahn and R. Hoerl, Technometrics, 206.

Possible Seminar Topics

·         Statistics in an Agricultural Biotechnology Company

·         Equivalence Testing vs Classical Hypothesis Testing

·         Six-sigma Applications for Seed Quality/Manufacturing

Contact Info:

Margaret A. Nemeth, Ph.D.
Associate Fellow and Team Lead
Statistics Technology Center
Monsanto Regulatory Sciences
800 N. Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis , MO 63167
Phone: 314-694-3613
Phone: 314-920-7642 (Cell)

Fax: 314-693-3613

Greg Piepel

Greg is a Laboratory Fellow in the Statistics and Sensor Analytics group at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland , Washington , which is operated by Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy. He has been with Battelle since 1978, including an educational leave to receive his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Florida in 1985. Dr. Piepel has expertise in the areas of experimental design, regression and response surface methods, analysis of variance, statistical quality control, sampling, and the development of statistical software (MIXSOFT). His statistical specialty is the design and analysis of mixture experiments and other experiments over constrained experimental regions. Dr. Piepel has served in many appointed and elected positions over the years, including as Chair of ASA-SPES and on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Quality Technology. He has authored or co-authored approximately 150 journal papers, book chapters, proceedings papers, and technical reports. He was named a Fellow of ASA in 2001.

Possible Presentation Topics

·         Statistical design and analysis of mixture experiments

·         Statistical design of experiments on irregular regions

·         Working at a national laboratory

Dr. Piepel is also happy to schedule time during his University visit to talk with students or faculty about research and working as an applied statistician at PNNL, what employers care about when interviewing for jobs, things Statistics Departments don’t stress enough, and other topics of interest.

Contact Info:

Greg Piepel, Ph.D.
Statistics and Sensor Analytics
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
P.O. Box 999
Richland , WA 99352 U.S.A.
Phone: 509-375-6911

José Ramirez

José G. Ramírez is an industrial statistician at W.L. Gore and Associates, makers of Gore-Tex and other innovative products, where he is responsible for promoting business intelligence through innovative analytical applications. He works closely with associates to help them “make sense of data,” and through collaborative education, helps promote statistical thinking and JMP usage. He has been using JMP for 15 years as a catalyst to turn data into knowledge. He received a degree in mathematics from Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas , Venezuela , and an MS in applied statistics and a PhD in statistics both from the University Wisconsin-Madison. He was one of the founding members of the Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement at the University Wisconsin-Madison. In 1998 (SUGI 23) he won the best contributed statistics paper, and in 2002 he was awarded the SAS User Feedback Award. He is currently writing a JMP book with his wife, Brenda Ramírez, Handbook for Solving Common Problems in Engineering and Science Using JMP: A Step-by Step Guide.

Contact info:

José G. Ramírez, Ph.D.
Electronic Products Division
W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
380 Starr Road
Landenberg, PA  19350
Phone: 610-268-1805

Jorge Luis Romeu


Licenciado en Math-Stats (BS), University of Havana, Cuba, 1973
MS, Operations Research, Syracuse University, NY, 1982
Ph.D. Operations Research, Syracuse University, NY, 1990

Jorge is a Research Professor at Syracuse University and a Senior Science Advisor for RIAC (Reliability Info. Analysis Ctr, a DOD IAC operated by a team headed by Quanterion Solutions, Inc) in Rome NY .

Jorge has worked over ten years in the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC), among other programs, developing statistical material for practicing engineers in the Web, teaching reliability stats courses for practicing engineers and consulting on reliability and QC issues.

Jorge also taught for 14 years in the Math Dept. at SUNY Cortland, taking early retirement in 1998. He is currently a Research Professor with the Mechanical, Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering Dept. at Syracuse , where he teaches MS engineering statistics and OR courses. More information can be found at and

Some topics on industrial statistics that Jorge can develop can be found in the Web tutorials:

Jorge also directs the Juarez Lincoln Marti ( International Education Project and has been a Fulbright to Mexico and a Fulbright Senior Speaker Specialist to Mexico , the Dominican Republic and Ecuador , teaching faculty development workshops in methods in using technology and modern pedagogy in science and mathematics and advanced Design of Experiments.

Jorge is a Chartered Statistician Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, a Member of ASA and IASE, and a Senior Member of ASQ.

Contact info:

P. O. Box 6134
Syracuse NY 13217
Phone: 315-476-8994
Fax: 315-443-9099

Jim Rutherford

Work Experience:

·         Consulting Statistician, Chevron Oronite Company, 1997 to present

o    Technical Team Leader: Vehicle Emissions and Air Quality, Chevron Research and Technology Company, 1993 – 1997

·         Group Leader: Data Management and Statistics, Chevron Research and Technology Company, 1989 – 1992

·         Research Statistician, Chevron Research Company, 1982 – 1988

·         Mathematical Statistician, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Motor Vehicle Emission Laboratory, 1977 – 1982

·         Statistical Consultant, Analyst, and Programmer, Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan, 1975 – 1977


·         Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan, Doctor of Philosophy in Biostatistics (All But Dissertation), Candidacy Awarded 1978

·         School of Public Health, University of Michigan, Master of Public Health in Biostatistics 1976

·         Oberlin College, Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Philosophy 1974


Author or co-author of more than 60 publications

Possible Topics:

·         Industrial Statisticians: Who are we and what in the world do we do?

·         Global Statistics and Other Random Stuff

·         Statistical issues in vehicle emissions and fuel economy testing

·         Selection of examples including design and analysis of experiments, historical data modeling, SPC and better charting, …

Contact Info:

100 Chevron Way, Room 71-7550
Richmond, CA 94802
Phone: 510-242-3410
Phone: 415-378-5746 (Cell)

Philip R. Scinto

Phil is currently a Technical Fellow in the Department of Statistical Sciences and has been employed by Lubrizol as a Statistician since 1989 when he left Price Waterhouse after over 2 years of service. He has a BS in Statistics and Biometry from Cornell University , and an MS in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University . Phil started as a statistical consultant in the Technology Department for the Lubrizol Petroleum Chemicals Company. From 1996 through 1998, Phil worked in the Lubrizol San Antonio Testing Office as Statistician and Independent Test Lab liaison before moving to Corporate Research.

Phil’s major responsibilities for Lubrizol include the use of statistical methods and modeling in product development and proof of performance.  He is currently promoting the use of screening and supersaturated designs throughout the organization.  Through the years, Phil has also acted as the Lubrizol statistics representative for the North American Engine Oils Industry dealing with test development, test calibration and lubricant assessment issues in such groups as ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials), API (American Petroleum Institute) and ACC (American Chemistry Council). He is the founder of the Lubricant Test Monitoring System (LTMS), implementer of the Multiple Test Evaluation Procedures in the evaluation of lubricant quality, the developer of the Industry Precision/Base Oil Interchange/Viscosity Grade Read Across Design Matrix, leader of the Virtual Testing effort, as well as one of the original founders and writers of the CMA (now ACC) Product Approval Code of Practice.

Contact info:

The Lubrizol Corporation
Drop # 152B
29400 Lakeland Blvd.
Wickliffe , OH 44092-2298
Phone: 440-347-2161

Thomas A. Scripps

Twenty-five years as Principal of Scripps & Associates, specializing in training and coaching in process and product development and improvement.

ASQ Certified Quality Engineer  (1982), Six Sigma Master Black Belt (2006), Developed and present the ASQ Design for Six Sigma curriculum

Possible Seminar Topics

·         The role of statistical consulting in the 21st century

·         Any related to Design for Six Sigma

Contact Information:

Tom Scripps
Scripps & Associates, PC
1202 Bergen Parkway, Suite 208
Evergreen, CO 80439
Phone: 303-674-2530 (Office)
Phone: 303-884-4741 (Cell)

Winson Taam

Principal Data Scientist

After earning his Ph.D. in Statistics from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Winson worked in Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan for a number of years. He developed and taught a number of master level courses in statistics to on-campus and off-campus students. In addition to being an Associate Professor of statistics in the university, he served as a consultant for various automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Winson joined The Boeing Company in 2001 as a senior statistician. He leads or is a critical member of a variety of projects such as standardizing methods in setting specification for composite materials, designing experiments for wind tunnel tests, planning choice model study in traveler’s preferences, establishing sparking threshold in lightning test, and modeling delay in air traffic management.

Winson is a member of The American Statistical Association, International Society of Business and Industrial Statistics, and the International Chinese Statistical Association. He is a fellow of the International Statistical Institute, is chair-elect of Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences, and is a member of the organizing committee of the Conference on Statistical Practice. He has served as officer of Detroit Chapter of ASA, as a member of the management committee for Spring Research Conference for Science and Technology in Industry, and as the Program Chair for Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences of ASA. He is an associate editor for Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, and serves as a long time referee for leading journals such as Technometrics and Journal of Quality Technology. He has published numerous refereed articles, and organized, chaired and presented at many professional meetings.

Possible Seminar Topics

·         What text-book experiments?

·         Statistics in aerospace industry

·         Case studies of industrial statistics

Contact Information:

Winson Taam
Phone: 425-761-6233

Jennifer Van Mullekom

Senior Consulting Statistician, DuPont
B.S. Mathematics, Concord College, 1993
B.S. Mathematics Education, Concord College, 1994
M.S. Statistics, Virginia Tech, 1995
Ph.D. Statistics, Virginia Tech, 1998

Jennifer Van Mullekom is a Senior Consulting Statisitician in DuET’s Applied Statisistics Group. Over her 13 years of experience as statistician, Jennifer has worked at The Lubrizol Corporation, Capital One, and DuPont. Most recently at DuPont she has worked with Performance Coatings and is currently assigned to Protection Technologies which includes applications in Tyvek®, Kevlar®, and Nomex®. She is a certified Master Black Belt and Six Sigma course instructor. Jen is also a member of the DuPont Associate Fellows Group. She holds two patents and is active in the American Statistical Association’s Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences and Section on Quality and Productivity where she has held several leadership positions including Section Chair. Jennifer is currently the Chair of the Marquardt Industrial Speakers Program for SPES and a member of the organizing committee for the First Annual Conference on Statistical Practice.

Possible Seminar Topics

·         Are You Crazy? A Nine Factor Response Surface Experiment on a Production Asset!?! – This talk details the practical aspects of designing an experiment on production equipment including deciding upon a design, planning, resourcing, and executing properly to ensure data integrity.

·         It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It – This talk discusses principles of effectively communicating statistics to non-statisticians as well as illustrates these principles with examples.

·         Industrial Case Studies

·         Careers in Industrial Statistics

·         Statistical Engineering Case Studies

Contact Information:

Jennifer Van Mullekom
DuPont Applied Statistics Group
PO BOX 27001
Richmond, VA 23261
Phone: 804-551-0003