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Postdoctoral position in data privacy at the University of Maryland

The Social Data Science Center (SoDa) at the University of Maryland has an open position for a Postdoctoral Associate. The candidate must have a strong background in survey statistics, statistical disclosure control, or data privacy. The successful applicant will work in a project on differential privacy for surveys funded by the U.S. Census Bureau and conducted in close collaboration with researchers from Georgetown University, Boston University, and Harvard University. The contract duration will be 12 months.

The primary activity of the candidate will be to collaborate with researchers from the University of Maryland and the other universities involved to study the possibilities and limitations of differential privacy in the survey context. The successful applicant will: 1) evaluate the impacts of commonly applied pre-processing steps such as weighting, editing, and imputation on differential privacy; 2) investigate how complex sampling designs affect the privacy guarantees, 3) develop methods to take the data protection measures into account when analyzing the survey data; and 4) work on potential adjustments for the data production process to meet the requirements of differential privacy. The scholar will be directly involved in international presentations and preparation of manuscripts for publication in academic journals.

Criteria for selection include a demonstrated research ability in survey statistics and data confidentiality, strong computational skills and a good knowledge of the R programming language, commitment to collaborative research, and excellent verbal and written communication skills. A background in Computer Science and knowledge of Python is a plus.

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Position# 126171

Joerg Drechsler
Joint Program in Survey Methodology
University of Maryland, College Park
1218 Lefrak Hall
College Park, MD, 20742