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CNSL Webinar with Doug Zahn in November

  • 1.  CNSL Webinar with Doug Zahn in November

    Posted 10-18-2019 13:05
    Hello ASA members,

    After a little bit of a break, the Section on Statistical Consulting is hosting a new webinar for November. Dr. Doug Zahn, winner of the ASA's first W. J. Dixon award for Excellence in Statistical Consulting in 2009, will be giving a webinar entitled "RAPID Recovery from Breakdowns is Possible." Doug invites all who are interested to attend and participate in a conversation surrounding breakdowns in communication and relationships with clients and others with whom you work and interact.

    We will also hold a raffle among those who register to win a free copy of Doug's new book, Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones, which you can learn more about here:

    You can learn more about this webinar, and register before noon Eastern time on November 5th, at

    The abstract follows below. We look forward to having you there!


    This webinar is relevant to everyone in the Section on Statistical Consulting as well as those ASA members interested in the practice of consulting. Since we all have breakdowns at one time or another, recovering from them is essential to master. By "breakdown" I mean any failure to function as intended. In communication, breakdowns occur when the client does not hear what the statistical consultant intended to say and vice versa.

    The primary message of this webinar is that we can recover from these breakdowns. It is a learned skill. Rapid recovery is important because when we experience a breakdown we tend to fall into an "emotional cloud." The first step in recovery is to recognize that you are in an emotional cloud, followed quickly by step two which is to address the cloud and take the necessary steps to get out of it. Successfully executing this process will get you back into useful communication with your client.

    The idea of rapid recovery from breakdowns to improve relationships has been of interest to me since I first saw a video of a consultation in which I was engulfed in an emotional cloud for almost the entire consultation. I thought at the time that this was the client's fault and thus did not look for anything I could learn from the incident. Conversations with colleagues led me to see how I had contributed to various breakdowns and that I could have responded differently to improve this conversation and thus the relationship. I had much to learn from this interaction and continue to do so. I will share these lessons with you in the webinar and explore similar experiences in your career.



    Kim Love
    Past Chair, ASA Section on Statistical Consulting
    Owner and Lead Consultant
    K. R. Love Quantitative Consulting & Collaboration