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Call for Short-Course Proposals [sorry for cross-posting]

  • 1.  Call for Short-Course Proposals [sorry for cross-posting]

    Posted 06-03-2024 08:01

    Are you interested in teaching a Continuing Education Course (CEC) on a topic related to survey research methods, sponsored by Survey Research Methods Section at 2025 JSM? If yes, please email me the title, a short abstract (1 paragraph) and a short bio of each instructor at Julia.Soulakova@ucf.edu. Some examples of potential topics are listed below. The deadline for CEC full proposal is September 30, 2024. I will be happy to help you develop the proposal. Here is some additional information from the ASA Professional Development Program CEC Proposal Guide:

    The content of the course might fulfill any one of the following class descriptions:

        An in-depth presentation of a specific area of statistical theory, methodology, or application. The material covered may focus on "cutting edge" methods or other more established topics;

        A broad overview of an established area of statistical theory or methodology suitable either as a refresher "course" or as an introduction to the field for those not exposed to it in previous training;

        A description of a statistical method and its application using one or more software tools- as long as there is significant content material described in the proposal.

    Note: Presentations offered by vendors of a software product should consider proposing a Computer Technology Workshop (CTW) rather than a course. No CE offering should be a software "infomercial." Those offerings that are heavily software dependent should be proposed as a CTW.

    ·        Honoraria Allotments for CEC Program

    Course Length

    Number of Instructors





    2 or more





    2 or more



    1 or more



    ·        Adaptive and responsive survey designs and strategies for improving response rate

    ·        Application of AI to post data processing: coding, editing, imputation, and weighting

    ·        Capture-recapture surveys, respondent-driven sampling, and alternative methods for including hard-to-reach populations

    ·        Current practices and challenges in panel surveys, including the use of dependent interviewing and panel conditioning

    ·        Current topics on public use files: statistical disclosure control, synthetic data, formal privacy

    ·        Gridded population survey sampling techniques

    ·        Identifying data quality issues and potential falsification in self-administered and interviewer-administered surveys

    ·        Innovative software tools for analysis of survey data, e.g., nonprobsvy package in R for analysis of non-probability surveys

    ·        Latent trend models and other innovative approaches for analyzing survey data

    ·        Learning from data collected using non-probability sampling, e.g., machine learning techniques for analysis of electronic health records

    ·        Survey sampling tailored to underserved communities

    Julia Soulakova
    2023-24 SRMS Education Officer
    Professor of Medicine
    University of Central Florida