2018 Recipients

2018 Strategic Initiatives Grant Awardees

Biometrics section is pleased to announce that the following three proposals have been funded as part of the
 Section's Strategic Initiative, "Developing the Next Generation of Biostatisticians":  

Award Recipient: Kristen McQuerry (University of Kentucky)
Title: "Inspiring the next generation Biostatistician: Statistics Facts & Snacks Workshop"
Summary: The proposed biostatistics career outreach program will meet 3 days for 4 hours and will be free of cost to participating students. Students will spend the first half of the workshop learning about being a biostatistician and SAS code techniques and the last half of the workshop applying their knowledge to real data.  

Award Recipient: Weiwen Miao (Haverford College)
Title: "Careers in Biostatistics"
Summary: The proposed biostatistics career outreach proposal is a one-day career event, inviting biostatisticians from the local pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, research centers and universities to talk about their careers. The event will also invite faculty members from graduate admission committees and current or recent graduate students in biostatistics departments to share their experiences of studying biostatistics at the graduate level.

Award Recipient: Pierangela Veneziani and Tasneem Zaihra (The College at Brockport)
Title: "Developing the Next Generation of Biostatisticians"
Summary: The proposed biostatistics career outreach proposal will develop a training initiative to enhance awareness of Biostatistics among quantitatively talented students at high schools, two-year and four-year colleges in Western New York.  A one-day workshop will be organized with four modules to disseminate general information about biostatistics as an exciting career path.  Secondly, a website will be created to disseminate general career information and employment prospects in biostatistics-related fields.  

Congratulations to all winners in this important initiative
. Many thanks to the Strategic Initiatives Subcommittee, chaired by Page Moore and co-chaired by Tanya Garcia, for their excellent work.