History & Missions

The Biometrics Section was the first section of ASA, founded in 1938, with the goal of representing and advancing the interests of ASA members working in the area of statistics for biological fields including medicine, health, biology, agriculture and ecology. Since its founding, the section has grown to become one of the largest ASA sections, with over 1500 current members.

In 2018, the Biometrics Section celebrated our 80th anniversary! In this time of explosive growth in the availability of biological and biomedical data, we are excited and honored to continue to serve the biostatistical community. We look forward to continuing to support the current generation and helping to foster the development of the next generation of statistical innovators in this field!

The Biometrics section supports section members in a number of ways:


Members interested in contributing to the section leadership are encouraged to get in touch with a section officer to discuss opportunities or attend our mixer at JSM.