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The American Statistical Association - The nation's leading professional association for statistics and statisticians.

2013 is the International Year of Statistics, a worldwide event supported by more than 1,900 organizations.

Statistical mentoring for Ph.D. students in the developing world:  A new international web-based mentor program for Ph.D students in statistics and probability at universities in developing countries has been launched, sponsored by the International Statistical Institute and the Bernoulli Society. Ph.D students enroll in the program by internet and are put in contact with volunteer senior statisticians. The program is based in Oslo. See to find out more on how the program works.

DataKind seeks to match non-profits in need of data analysis with freelance and pro bono data scientists who can work to help them with data collection, analysis, visualization, or decision support. See to find out more.

The Argentine
Group of Biometry is a nonprofit organization that is created in order to relate to people who research and/or teach aspects of mathematics and/or statistics applied to biology, and to promote research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge.  See to find out more.

The purpose of the Friends of Australasia (FoA) is to actively promote collaborative efforts between Australasian statisticians and members of the ASA and to celebrate the role of Australasian statisticians within the global statistical community.
   See to find out more.

The International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI) is an organizing structure to support and foster collaboration, integrate findings, and coordinate and disseminate research on child and adolescent well-being. See to find out more.