About SWB


The objective of SWB is to promote data science and sound statistical practices in areas such as

statistical analysis, and 
survey design,
so that international health projects and initiatives are delivered more effectively and efficiently.



SWB was established in 2008 and provides a focus for pro bono statistical consulting within the American Statistical Association. This ASA Outreach Group provides an opportunity for statisticians to collaborate with professionals, researchers, and other volunteers involved in international health work.


SWB is an all-volunteer group consisting of nearly 200 statisticians from a variety of backgrounds such as academia, industry, and government. Membership includes professionals, students, and retirees. Our primary activity is to provide pro bono consultancy services.


Volunteers: We are seeking volunteers to assist us with statistical issues surrounding non-profit, healthrelated work.

Organizations: We are also seeking organizations in need of statistical help or who wish to partner with us. We are looking to expand our project base to include additional applications of statistics that will benefit the health and welfare of developing nations.

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