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Mu Sigma Rho Honorary Society

Mu Sigma Rho is the national honorary society for statistics.  Its purpose is to promote and encourage scholarly activity in statistics and the recognition of outstanding achievement among students in eligible academic institutions. We encourage you to nominate students for membership.  More information about Mu Sigma Rho.


Faculty members or professional statisticians may nominate students attending a college or university in Kansas or western Missouri. The nominator is responsible for completing the nomination form, forwarding a copy of the student’s academic transcript, and paying the $5 nomination fee to one of the Committee members.  Completed nomination forms are due to Mu Sigma Rho local Committee member by March 1st of each year.

Undergraduate students shall:
1.    have completed at least 2 years of college course work;
2.    have completed 8 semester hours (12 quarter hours) of statistics courses, of which at least 5 semester hours (7 quarter hours) shall be junior level statistics course work;
3.    have a 3.25 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) in all statistics courses; and
4.    be in the top 1/3 of their junior or senior class in all course work.
Junior level statistics courses would typically include intermediate statistics courses such as Regression, Linear Models, Design of Experiments, Bayesian methods or Mathematical Statistics. Statistics research undertaken as an honors thesis, independent study or summer project may substitute for one of these classes. Typically, only half of a two-semester or two-quarter Probability/Mathematical Statistics course would count towards the total number of statistics courses.  

Graduate students shall:
1.    have completed 12 semester hours (18 quarter hours) of graduate level courses in statistics;
2.    have at least a 3.50 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) in all graduate level statistics courses; and
3.    be a graduate student in good standing.
Once nominations are received, all information is verified, and the student is deemed eligible, the respective local Committee member will approve nominations and inform the Chair of the Committee before March 20th.  Chair will collect all the nominations and forward to the Committee for an electronic approval.  Once the Committee has approved these names, emails will be sent to the students inviting them to join Mu Sigma Rho.  The nominator will also be sent a copy of the email.  All students who accept this nomination will be invited to an induction at the spring chapter meeting.  Students who are unable to attend the spring chapter meeting will be inducted by the local Committee member.  

Nominators are asked to pay the $5/student nomination fee (please enclose a check payable to “Mu Sigma Rho”).

Local Committee member will send the induction fees to the national treasurer of the Mu Sigma Rho directly with a list of names.  Chair of the Committee will send the complete list of approvals to the national treasurer.  Arrangements will be made to mail a membership certificate (or template) to the local Committee members electronically.  

February 1st: Outreach to colleges and universities to solicit nominations
March 1st: Deadline for nominations (including academic transcript, contact information, and verification of membership requirements) to the local Committee member
March 20th: Local Committee member reviews the nominations and informs the Chair
March 30th: Committee approves the nominations electronically
April 10th: Committee acts on nominations, email letters sent to nominees and nominators
Spring Chapter Meeting: Induction ceremony
In cases of questions regarding Mu Sigma Rho or the nominations process, please contact the current Chair of the Committee, Ananda Jayawardhana (

Current KWMCH Mu Sigma Rho Committee:
1.    Dr. Larry Scott, Emporia State University
2.    Dr. Perla Reyes, Kansas State University
3.    Dr. Ananda Jayawardhana, Pittsburg State University 
4.    Dr. Jo Wick, University of Kansas Medical Center
5.    Dr. Yong Zeng, University of Missouri Kansas City
6.    Dr. Mike Mosier, Washburn University
7.    Dr. Paul Plummer, Central Missouri University (Chapter Rep 2015-2018)
8.    Dr. Zsolt Talata, University of Kansas
Mu Sigma Rho National Secretary (acting): Ananda Jayawardhana
Mu Sigma Rho National  Treasurer (acting): Lynne Seymour, Dept. of Statistics 204 Statistics Building University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602 ( 

KWMCH Application and Information

2012 Student Inductees

Emporia State University

Lezley Lawson

Xiongya Li

Yuying Cao

Kansas State University

Chendi Cao

Anthony Jordan Chinn

Zachariah Ellis Button

Mingwei Fei- MSc student

Natalya Makarova- MSc student

Indu Seetharaman- MSc student

Yixin Chen- PhD student

Samuel Seth Demel- PhD student

Mohammad A. Gharaibeh- PhD student

Karen Keating – PhD student

Grace Li- PhD student

Champa Hemanthi Magalla- PhD student

Girly Manguba Ramirez- PhD student

Troy Richardson- PhD student

Mohammad O. Sahout- PhD student

Roshan Niranjala Serasinghe- PhD student

Sijia Xiang- PhD student

Lianqing Zheng- PhD student

Pittsburg State University

Chelsea Johnson

Song Yang- MSc student

University of Kansas Medical Center

Zhiwu Li – MSc student

Huiquan Zhang – MSc student

Wei Jiang – PhD student

Yang Lei – PhD student

Yu Jiang – PhD student

University of Missouri Kansas City

Dustin Nicolaisen

Paul Plummer- PhD student

Washburn University

Alex Hawkins

Garrett Lundry

Megan Thompson

2013 Student Inductees


Li, Xiaotong
Man, Feng

Yinhao Du


Xiuqin Bai  (Graduate Student)

Nicholas Bloedow (Graduate Student) 

Tingting Song (Graduate Student)

Chun Yu (Graduate Student)

Yared Assefa Mulisa (Graduate Student)



Miguelangel Diaz Medina

Kirsten Nemecek

Samantha Pendleton  

Zhiwen Wang (Graduate Student)


University of Kansas Medical Center

Dakota Hoagland (Graduate Student)

Lexie Brown (Graduate Student)

Milan Bimali (Graduate Student)

Janelle Noel (Graduate Student)

Lili Garrard (Graduate Student)

Xueyi Chen (Graduate Student)



Natalya Malakhova

Brent Wilson

Jing Yi Yan


Washburn University

Bradley Alberts
Carly Boswell
Yangfang Mao
Brian Oxendine


Central  Missouri University

Kaitlyn Cassity


Emporia State University

No students this year.


University of Kansas

Hee Sun Kim


 University of Kansas Medical Center

Siya Sun

Yi Zhong

Lamar Hunt III

Eric Wika

Patrick Edmonds

Kansas State University

Weijia Jia

Bo Tong

Mengjiao Wu

Xintong Li

Sharif Mahmood


Pittsburg State University

Minh Bui

Charles Harrison


University of Missouri Kansas City

Hadeel Alqadi

Qian Li


Washburn University

Ron Gudenkauf

Paul Thurbon