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Course Description-Plot Data

Working with R to Analyze and Plot Data

Instructors: Heike Hofmann, Iowa State University, and Di Cook, Iowa State University

This workshop focuses on a data centric introduction to using R, in a reproducible way, incorporating lots of data graphics and exploratory data analysis. The sections will center around contemporary data examples, showing participants how to work their way through the analysis, and answer questions about the data. Introduction to R and reproducibility. Participants get started with R, learn how to organize a work project and use knitr to incorporate code into documentation to produce pdf, html or Word documents.

Introduction to plotting data
 * Mapping data to plots using ggplot2
 * Simple plots, scatterplots, bar charts, time series, profiles, boxplots

Rearranging and cleaning data
Data rarely comes in a form that can be immediately analyzed and takes some work to rearrange it in different ways to examine different aspects, and to check quality. The packages tidyr, dplyr and lubridate will be used.

Advanced plotting and polishing graphics
 * Layering different data sets, drawing maps, fitting models
 * Using cognitive principles to produce quality publication graphics
 * Packages used include ggplot2, maps, ggmap, ggsubplot, productplots, GGally, gridExtra

Making shiny apps
Learn how to create interactive web applets that allow users to interact with their/your/public data and statistical analyses in a user-friendly setting.


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