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Paper Competition Winners

SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners

 JSM 2015 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:


2015 Laplace Prize Winner
Prithwish Bhaumik, North Carolina State University
“Efficient Bayesian Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification in Differential Equation Models”  
SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:  
Daniel Cervone, Harvard University
“A Multiresolution Stochastic Process Model for Predicting Basketball Possession Outcomes”
Gyuhyeong Goh, University of Connecticut
“Bayesian Sparse Reduced Rank Multivariate Regression”
Heidi Fischer, University of California
“Functional Time Series Models for Ultrafine Particle Distributions”
Himel Mallick, University of Alabama, Birmingham
“The Bayesian Group Bridge”
Leo Duan, Universit of Cincinnati
“Functional Gaussian Process Model for Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis”
Mengyang Gu, Duke University
“Parallel Partial Gaussian Process Emulation for Computer Models with Massive Output”
Minsuk Shin, Texas A&M University
“Scalable Bayesian Variable Selection Using a New Nonlocal Prior in Ultra High-Dimensional Settings”
Ran Shi, Emory University
“Thresholded Multiscale Gaussian Processes with Application to Bayesian Feature Selection for Massive Neuroimaging Data”
Ville A. Satopaa, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
“Probability Aggregation in Time-Series: Dynamic Hierarchical Modeling of Sparse Expert Beliefs”


Special thanks to the committee of student paper reviewers for 2015:
David Dahl (Chair), Merrill Liechty, Adam Branscum, Francesco Stingo, Debdeep Pati, Ming-Hui Chen, Bin Zhu, Gabriel Huerta, Long Nguyen, Donatello Telesca, Hedibert Lopes, Ryan Martin, Qingzhao Yu, Yingbo Li, Feng Guo, Hongxiao Zhu, Mario Peruggia, Jonathan Stroud, Oksana Chkrebtii, Leanna House, Joyee Ghosh, K. Sham Bhat, Kassie Fronczyk, Yajuan Si, Huiyan Sang, Brian Reich, Feng Liang.

JSM 2014 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners: 


Abhirup Datta, University of Minnesota
Title: Hierarchical Nearest-Neighbor Gaussian Process Models for Massive Geostatistical Datasets
Valeria Espinosa, Harvard University
Title: A Bayesian Perspective on the Analysis of Unreplicated Factorial Designs Using Potential Outcomes”
Lei Gong, University of California, Riverside
Title: Relative Fixed-Width Stopping Rule and its Application to Spatial Bayesian Models on fMRI Time-Series Data
James Johndrow, Duke University
Title: Bayesian Tensor Decompositions and Sparse Log-Linear Models
Ian Johnston, Boston University
Title: Hierarchical
Gene-Proximity Models for Genome-Wide Association Studies
Meng, Li, North Carolina State University
Title: Bayesian Multiscale Smoothing of Gaussian Noised Images
Reinaldo Marques, University of Oslo
Title: Particle Move-Reweighting Strategies for Online Inference
Christine Peterson, Rice University
Title: Bayesian Inference of Multiple Gaussian Graphical Models
Debashree Ray, University of Minnesota
Title: A Bayesian Dimension Reduction Approach for Detection of Multilocus Interaction in Case-Control Studies
Agniva Som, The Ohio State University
Title: Bayesian Modeling with Blockwise Hyper-g Priors
Xiangyu Wang, Duke University
Title: Parallel MCMC via Weierstrass Sampler
Sai Xiao, University of California, Santa Cruz
Title: Modeling for Seasonal Marked Point Processes: An Analysis of Evolving Hurricane Occurrences”
Yafeng, Zhang, University of California, Los Angeles
Title: Joint Clustering and Registration for Functional Data

Special thanks to the committee of student paper reviewers for 2014:
Kate Calder (Chair), Jenny Brynjarsdottir, Lane Burgette, David Campbell, Andrew Finley, Subha Guha, Laura Hatfield, Matt Heaton, Juhee Lee, Qi Long, Bani Mallick, Mike Pennell, Natesh Pillai, Matthew Pratola, Bruno Scarpa, Ben Shaby, Surya Tokdar



JSM 2013 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:

Daniele Durante. Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padua, Padua, Italy.
Title of paper: Locally adaptive Bayesian covariance regression. WINNER of Laplace Prize!
Advisor: Bruno Scarpa
Oksana Chkrebtii. Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada.
Title of paper: Probabilistic Integration for Uncertainty Quantification in Differential Equation Models.
Advisor: David Campbell
Abhra Sarkar. Texas A&M University.
Title of paper: Bayesian Semiparametric Density Deconvolution in the Presence of Conditionally Heteroscedastic Measurement Errors.
Advisor: Raymond J. Carroll and Bani K. Mallick
Fernando Bonassi. Duke University.
Title of paper: Sequential Monte Carlo with Adaptive Weights for Approximate Bayesian Computation.
Advisor: Mike West
Thomas Leninger. Duke University.
Title of paper: Spatial regression modeling for compositional data with many zeros.
Advisor: Alan E. Gelfand
Valerie Poynor. University of California, Santa Cruz.
Title of paper: Nonparametric Bayesian Inference for Mean Residual Life Functions in Survival Analysis.  
Advisor: Athanasios Kottas

Tsuyishi Kunihama. Duke University.
Title  of paper: Bayesian modeling of temporal dependence in large sparse contingency tables.
Advisor: David Dunson
Harrison Quick. University of Minnesota.
Title of paper: Heteroscedastic CAR models for areally referenced temporal processes with an application to California asthma hospitalization data.
Advisor: Brad Carlin and Sudipto Banerjee.
Yize Zhao. Emory University.
Title of paper: Bayesian Hierarchical Feature Selection of Structured Functional Predictors for Multilevel Functional Data Measured with Error.
Advisor: Qi Long
Sayantan Banerjee. North Carolina State University.
Title: Posterior Convergence Rates for Estimating Large Precision Matrices Using Graphical Models.
Advisor: Subhashis Ghoshal

JSM 2012 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:

Jianchang Lin (Florida State University, Advisor: Deb Sinha) 
"Semiparametric Bayesian survival analysis using models with log-linear median"
Depdeep Pati (Duke University, Advisor: David Dunson) 
"Bayesian closed surface fitting through tensor products"
Lin Zhang (Texas A\&M University, Advisor: Veera Baladandayuthapani) 
"Bayesian hierarchical structured variable selection methods with application to MIP studies in breast cancer"
Christopher Challis (Duke University, Advisor: Scott Schmidler) 
"A Stochastic Evolutionary Model for Bayesian Protein Structure Alignment and Phylogeny" 
Hang Joon Kim (The Ohio State University, Advisor: Steve MacEachern) 
"The Generalized Multiset Sampler"

Special thanks to the committee of student paper reviewers for 2012:
Peter Thall (Chair), The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 
Edward Boone, Virginia Commonwealth University 
Christopher Paciorek, University of California at Berkeley 
Ming-Hui Chen, University of Connecticut 
Rongling Wu, Pennsylvania State University 
Catherine Scipione Forbes, Monash University 
Zeynep Kalaylioglu, Middle East Technical University 
Marco Ferreira, University of Missouri - Columbia 
Kate Calder, The Ohio State University 
Brian J. Reich, NC State University 
Jim Griffin, University of Kent 

JSM 2011 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:

Anirban Bhattacharya - Duke University
"Simplex factor models for multivariate unordered categorical data."
Kassandra Fronczyk - UC Santa Cruz
"A Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling Framework for Developmental Toxicity Studies"
Roman Jandarov - Penn State University
Title: Emulating a gravity model to infer the spatiotemporal dynamics of an infectious disease."
Suprateek Kundu - UNC Chapel Hill
"Single Factor Transformation Priors for Density Regression."
Jihey Lee - UCLA
"Using a Birth-Death Process to Account for Reporting Errors in Longitudinal Self-reported Counts of Behavior."
Trina Patel - UCLA
"Toxicity Profiling of Engineered Nanomaterials via Multivariate Dose Response Surface Modeling and Supplementary material."
Shouhao Zhou - Columbia U
"Predictive Bayes factor.

Sincere thanks to the 2011 SBSS Student Paper Award Committee:
Kate Calder (Ohio State U)
Carlos Carvalho (U of Texas)
Mary Kathryn Cowles (U of Iowa)
David Dahl (Texas A&M U)
Jim Griffin (U Kent at Canterbury)
Subharup Guha (U of Missouri-Columbia)
Michele Guindani (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
Mayetri Gupta (Boston U)
Gabriel Huerta (U of New Mexico)
Antonio Lijoi (U of Pavia)
Brian Reich (NC State U)
Mahlet Tadesse (Georgetown U)
Marina Vannucci(Rice U, chair)

JSM 2010 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:

K. Sham Bhat, Penn State
"Inferring likelihoods and climate system characteristics from climate models and multiple tracers"
Chenguang Wang, University of Florida
"A Bayesian Shrinkage Model for Incomplete Longitudinal Binary Data with Application to the Breast Cancer Prevention Trial"
Matthew J. Heaton, Duke University
"Spatial Regression Using Kernel Averaged Predictors"
Jennifer Tom, UCLA
"Reuse, Reweigh, Recycle: Combating Influenza Through Efficient Bayesian Computation for Massive Data"
Laura Hatfield, U of Minnesota
"Multilevel Bayesian models of Zero-Inflated Longitudinal Outcomes and Survival Times in Mesothelioma"
Dhiman Bhadra, University of Florida
"Bayesian Semiparametric Analysis of Case-Control Studies with Time Varying Exposures

Sincere thanks to the 2010 SBSS Student Paper Award Committee:
Kate Calder (Ohio State U)
John Fricks (Penn State)
Chris Hans (Ohio State U)
Murali Haran (Penn State)
Lurdes Inoue (U of Washington)
Shane Jensen (U of Penn)
Bhramar Mukherjee (U of Michigan)
Ken Rice (U of Washington)
Matt Taddy (U of Chicago)
Vanja Dukic (U of Chicago, chair)

JSM 2009 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:

Cedric Ginestet, Imperial College London
Ryan Martin, Purdue University
Jarad Niemi, Duke University
Bin Zhu, University of Michigan

Sincere thanks to the 2009 SBSS Student Paper Award Committee:
Adam Branscum (University of Kentucky)
Carlos Carvalho (University of Chicago)
Ron Christensen (University of New Mexico)
Kary Myers (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Abel Rodriguez (University of California Santa Cruz)
Alyson Wilson (Iowa State University, chair)

JSM 2008 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:

Sourish Das, University of Connecticut
Jairo Fuquene, University of Puerto Rico
Joyee Ghosh, Duke University
Xuanyao He, University of North Carolina
Kristin Lennox, Texas A&M University
Melanie Wilson, Duke University
Xiaoxi Zhang, University of Michigan Biostatistics
Hongxiao Zhu, Rice University

Sincere thanks to the 2008 SBSS Student Paper Award Committee:
Dipak Dey, U. of Connecticut
Peter Hoff, U. of Washington
Joe Hogan, Brown University
Herbie Lee, U of California Santa Cruz
Mike Daniels, U. of Florida (Committee Chair)

JSM 2007 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:

Wei Chen, University of Michigan
"Bayesian Variable Selection with Joint Modeling of Categorical and Survival Outcomes: An Appplication to Individualizing Chemotherapy in Advanced Colorectal Cancer"
Yeonseung Chung, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"The Local Dirichlet Process"
Feng Guo, University of Connecticut
"On Detecting Stabilizing or Divergent Selection Using Patterns of Variation at SNP Loci"
Joo Yeon Lee, Brown University
"Expert Opinion, Informative Priors and Sensitivity Analysis for Longitudinal Binary Data with Informative Dropout"
Natesh Pillai, Duke University
"Characterizing the Function Space for Beyesian Kernal Models"
Abel Rodriguez, Duke University
"The Nested Dirichlet Process"
Christian Röver, University of Auckland
"Coherent Bayesian Inference on Compact Binary Inspirals Using a Network of Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors"
Shiling Ruan, Ohio State University
"The Dependent Poisson Race Model and Modeling Dependence in Conjoint Choice Experiments"
Donatello Telesca, University of Washington
"Bayesian Hierarchical Self-Modeling Warping Regression"
Anton Westveld, University of Washington
"A Bayesian Mixed Effect Model for Longitudinal Social Network Data"

Sincere thanks to the 2007 SBSS Student Paper Award Committee:
Mike Daniels (University of Florida)
Christopher Hans (Ohio State University)
Athanasios Kottas (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Aleksandra Slavkovic (Pennsylvania State University)
Dalene Stangl (Duke University)
David van Dyk (University of California, Irvine)

JSM 2006 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners:

Kristen M. Foley, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University
"A multivariate spatial model for hurricane surface wind fields to improve coastal ocean prediction"
Lovely Goyal, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University
"Statistical Inference for Non-linear Models involving Ordinary Differential Equations"
Antonello Loddo, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri-Columbia
"Bayesian Selection of Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models"
Taeyoung Park, Department of Statistics, Harvard University
"E fficient Gibbs Sampling Techniques via Functional Incompatibility"
Babak Shahbaba, Department of Public Health Sciences, Biostatistics, University of Toronto
"Improving Classification When a Class Hierarchy is Available Using a Hierarchy-Based Prior"
Meihua Wang, Department of Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh
"An adaptive Bayesian approach to jointly modeling response and toxicity in phase I dose-finding trials"
Gentry White, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri, Columbia
"Bayesian Spatio-temporal Smoothing of Cancer Mortality Rates, Missouri 1969-2001"
Haiyan Wu, Department of Biostatistics, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University
"Hierarchical State Space Model for Microarray Short Time Course Experiments"
Qingzhao Yu, Department of Statistics, The Ohio State University
"Bayesian Synthesis"
Yan Zheng, Division of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota
"Normalization of microarrays in transcription inhibition experiments"

Sincere thanks to the 2006 SBSS Student Paper Award Committee:
Merlise Clyde (Duke University)
Ming-Hui Chen (University of Connecticut)
Bruno Sanso (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Bani Mallick (Texas A&M University)

2005 SBSS Student Paper Competition Winners

Ulysses Diva, University of Connecticut
"Modeling spatially correlated survival data for individuals with multiple cancers"
Shu Han, Rice University
"Bayesian applications on budget impact analysis in economic evaluations"
Sinae Kim, Texas A & M University
"Variable selection in clustering via Dirichlet process mixture models"
Bin Li, The Ohio State University
"Regularized optimization in statistical learning: a Bayesian perspective"
Rongheng Lin, Johns Hopkins University
"Ranking USRDS provider-specific SMRs from 1998-2001"
Daniel M. Merl, University of California, Santa Cruz
"Detecting patterns of natural selection in DNA sequences using Bayesian generalized linear models"
Michael L. Pennell, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"Bayesian semiparametric dynamic frailty models for multiple event time data"
Shubhankar Ray, Texas A & M University
"Functional clustering by Bayesian wavelet methods"
Duchwan Ryu, Texas A & M University
"Bayesian regression in longitudinal studies with outcome-dependent follow-up"
Jing Zhao, Merck Research Laboratories
"Exploratory Bayesian model selection for high-order SNP-phenotype associations"